10.3+ Active Frames Pictured In Black and White


With the forthcoming release of BlackBerry 10.3, BlackBerry is seeking to iron out many aspects of the user experience and optimize the OS for different devices. Presently, the BlackBerry 10

PM David Cameron Can Run Britain ‘By BlackBerry’


Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, is under fire for going on another holiday. Especially, as the country is getting closer and closer to engaging in military action against the Islamic

DownTube Final v1.5 Released in BlackBerry World


S4BB Limited recently released DownTube version 1.5 in BlackBerry World. DownTube lets you watch YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo videos without having to wait for it to load. The app does a

BlackBerry Passport Running on Telus Pictured


The anticipation for the BlackBerry Passport is still building. Even though BlackBerry has revealed a lot about the device, one of the things that still remains a mystery is which

Why The Healthcare Industry Needs BES


Earlier this week, Community Health Systems, Inc. reported that they were the victim of a cyber attack that led to the personal data of 4.5 million customers being stolen. This