Home News Get a 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $149.99 from Groupon

Get a 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $149.99 from Groupon

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While perusing through Groupon today I saw a familiar looking product and was pleasantly surprised to see the BlackBerry PlayBook on sale for only $149.99. This isn’t the first time Groupon has had the PlayBook for sale at a great price, but this is the first time I’ve seen the 32 GB version for this low.

You can visit the site and grab a 32 GB for $149.99, or shell out a few extra bucks and get the 64 GB model for $189.99. If you’ve been in the market for an extra PlayBook to have around the house, you won’t find a better deal than this one! Make it quick though, because the deal expires in 14 hours, as of the time I’m typing this.

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Chris Esparza has been a member of #TeamBlackBerry since 2008 when he walked in to a T-Mobile store ready to buy a new phone after his old Samsung suffered some water damage. He had his eyes on another Samsung, but unfortunately, it was out of his budget. He went with the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 instead, because it was the cheaper option. It's probably the best impulse buy he has ever made, as BlackBerry changed his outlook on all things tech related and ignited a strong passion for the mobile industry. Since that 8100, he has owned only four different BlackBerry smart phones, including the Z10, which he received the day it was announced, as a perk for being a member of BlackBerry Elite. Chris loves meeting members of Team BlackBerry and will gladly add you to BBM if you request him. PIN: 2668C47E