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Physicist by day and technology lover by night. I enjoy the finer things in life, like McDonalds burgers, Ford Focuses and riding the bus. I'm here to give you all the information and honest perspectives on everything BlackBerry!
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    How a High-End All-Touch Could Bring BlackBerry Back

    There was once a time when BlackBerry smartphones were considered by the masses as the quintessence of innovative technology. The company, called ‘Research in Motion’ at the time, was born on the principles of personal success, efficiency, power, and privacy, while their products resonated with that very same philosophy....
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    BlackBerry Virtual Assistant Shows Siri-Like Features in OS 10.3.1

    Talking to smartphones is now a reality.  Thanks to Apple’s Siri, everyone with an iPhone gained a new best friend, albeit a robotic one that tries to imitate a real person.  Not be left out, BlackBerry has begun developing its virtual assistant as well, adding in features that aren’t...
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    BBM Stickers On Sale in New Storefront

    BBM has launched their revamped store front on their popular BBM app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10. The new store allows for easy browsing of stickers, top app/add-on picks, and wallpapers for your BBM chats.  All the suggested apps are designed to improve the BBM chat experience.  For...
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    Red BlackBerry Passport Photos

    Photos of the red BlackBerry Passport have shown up on Vietnamese BlackBerry site BBVietnam.  This comes just after after they went up for sale on Amazon. As of now, the red version is sold out on Amazon, but can still be pre-ordered at The red color is carried along...
  • blackberry_stock

    BlackBerry Doesn’t Need to Beat Apple or Google to Succeed

    Nothing sparks a heated debate quite like the mobile platform business.  It’s not like it’s hard to understand why either.  With some of the largest companies in the world seemingly competing directly for consumer smartphone market share (billions of devices being sold every year) the highly personal nature of...
  • z30-nikon

    The Case for Megapixels: The BlackBerry Z30 Takes on a Full-Frame Nikon DSLR

    Almost all smartphones these days have integrated cameras. In fact, most have two. One for shameless selfies and video chatting, and the other for taking pictures of stuff like landscapes, unsuspecting strangers, your lunch, and almost anything else we think would make other envious of our lives. Therefore, it...
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    BlackBerry Passport featured in New South African Carrier Ad

    South African carrier Cell has produced an ad featuring the new BlackBerry Passport as part of their “Believe and Make it #EPIC” marketing campaign.  The commercial starts off with one of the South African rugby players using the Passport while teaching children how to play the sport, and then leaving it behind...
  • gregg

    Gregg Ostrowski Leaves BlackBerry for Samsung

    One of BlackBerry’s best sources of talent in the enterprise mobility sector, Gregg Ostrowski, has left the company for Samsung as their new Global Enterprise Services Vice President.  Gregg was the senior director of enterprise developer and technical partnerships at BlackBerry and was key in making the enterprise services and application that...
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    How the Smartphone of the Future will be Powered

    Today, mobile devices require near-daily charging under typical usage.  This arises from the limitation of the battery size and drain from the components.  Even with my Z30, which has relatively legendary battery life, it still needs that daily charge at night to live another day.  Wouldn’t it be nice...