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    Power hungry? Grab one of these discounted battery packs

    Having your phone run out of battery midday is a true nightmare, specially when you won’t be able to recharge for a while. But you can avoid that situation if you carry a battery pack with you to make sure you always have some extra juice for your phone...
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    Review: Inateck simple black sleeve for laptops

    Buying a laptop case is very important. There are so many options and types to fit your needs and keep your laptop safe. We have been trying out Inateck’s simple black sleeve, choosen from a wide variety of options in their protection line. If you’re looking for something to...
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    These Audio-Technica Headphones Are On Discount Today

    Audio-Technica is one of the best brands out there when it comes to headphones. They provide high quality when it comes to sound and build, making them top of the line and available at a great price. But today, that price is even better when three of their most...
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    Review: Inateck Sweatproof Fitness Waist Band

    When working out, we want to make sure we are as comfortable as possible and that absolutely nothing gets in the way, whether you’re running, lifting weights or any other type of routine. Most people usually some important thing with them when they go our for a run or...
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    Rogers Now Taking BlackBerry Priv Reservations, Prices Revealed

    BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Priv, their first Android device, a couple of weeks ago and also has been taking pre-registration for anyone interested. But now, if you’re sure you want to get the Priv, Rogers now lets you reserve online. Rogers’ reservation system now shows the Priv as available for...
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    Listen to the Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack on Soundcloud

    If you’re into video games, you already know there are tons of games out there with amazing soundtracks. Halo happens to be one of them, and the new Halo 5: Guardians is no exception. Halo 5, which will be available on October 30th,  combines gameplay and music to make...
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    Review: Inateck iStand Aluminum Universal Laptop Stand

    I’ve used a bunch of stands before with my laptop. They help you place your laptop in a certain angle and at a certain height so it’s easier to work on it. The Inateck offers a universal stand that works for most laptops called the iStand; these are my...
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    Review: Inateck Sleeve for all Kindle Paperwhite

    Protection is one of the first things I take care of when I get a new gadget. A nice case that will both protect my device and also make it look nice. The Inateck Kindle Paperwhite sleeve does exactly that. The sleeve holds the device and protects it while...
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    BlackBerry Priv Hands On Video Shows Hub, Keyboard and More

    A new official hands-on video of the BlackBerry Priv has been released. In this video we get to see the device in action, showing off the Hub, typing with the keyboard using some swipes, we get to see some of the Android side of the device and more. We...