BlackBerry Passport Brings Back the Innovation


The BlackBerry Passport is getting a lot of press. Rightfully so, it is new, and it is different. It is BlackBerry, so everyone in the world has an opinion about

Fido Quits Selling BlackBerry Smartphones


It appears that Rogers Wireless subsidiary Fido ( ) is no longer offering users the choice to purchase smartphones made by Canadian smartphone-maker, BlackBerry. As you can see from the

How To Free Up BlackBerry Internal Storage Space


There’s no denying that storage continues to get cheaper by the day, but when it comes to internal device memory, your BlackBerry phone can make you wince. Because in the

Top BlackBerry Apps for SMBs


SMB Week Canada is just around the corner (October 14 – 20, 2013) and undoubtedly, mobile devices and its many apps have become a ubiquitous tools for small and medium businesses.

Why is Mobile Gaming such a success?


During the past year and a half, more than 133 new mobile gaming studios have opened throughout the UK.  A massive 80 per cent of these new studios are developing

5 Best Credit Card Processing Apps for BlackBerry

Credit card terminal

It was about time that some or the other credit card company would consider bringing their payment options into the blackberry world;creating an app for that, as blackberry users like