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  • passport

    BlackBerry Passport Brings Back the Innovation

    The BlackBerry Passport is getting a lot of press. Rightfully so, it is new, and it is different. It is BlackBerry, so everyone in the world has an opinion about what they should be doing to “regain the glory” they once had. I’ve never understood this “regain the glory”...
  • fido1

    Fido Quits Selling BlackBerry Smartphones

    It appears that Rogers Wireless subsidiary Fido ( ) is no longer offering users the choice to purchase smartphones made by Canadian smartphone-maker, BlackBerry. As you can see from the picture below, when you go to the Fido Website and select “Phones & Devices” they now only offer iPhone,...
  • blackberry-storage

    How To Free Up BlackBerry Internal Storage Space

    There’s no denying that storage continues to get cheaper by the day, but when it comes to internal device memory, your BlackBerry phone can make you wince. Because in the past few years, our smartphones have been storing more than our text messages, photos and contacts. BlackBerry apps are...
  • classic-q20

    BlackBerry Q20: The Trackpad returns and that is a good thing

    The BlackBerry Q20 brings back the trackpad and the “tool belt” of the classic BlackBerry. As expected with every new BlackBerry device announced, people have polarizing views. We put out a poll asking how you felt, and it’s been a mixed reaction. Our very own JT Teran wrote an opinion...
  • technology

    6 Great Ways to Get the Tech you Want At Affordable Prices

    Aside from our Tech Deals of the Day sections, you can find the tech you want at an affordable cost if you know where to look around the web. Shopping around also helps. Find a website you prefer, like Amazon or Best Buy, and check daily for new deals....
  • firedown-music-player

    Firedown App for BlackBerry 10 Lets You Listen to MP3s, Even When Offline

    If music is your thing then you don’t want to miss Firedown – a new app for BlackBerry 10 that lets you easily grab MP3s on the fly. Firedown searches for public domain tracks and allows you to save them to your device playlist or buy the song (via...
  • canadaflaghero

    Top BlackBerry Apps for SMBs

    SMB Week Canada is just around the corner (October 14 – 20, 2013) and undoubtedly, mobile devices and its many apps have become a ubiquitous tools for small and medium businesses. The options are endless when it comes to selecting great apps that help your business run more efficiently, especially...
  • bb10-game-controller-1

    Why is Mobile Gaming such a success?

    During the past year and a half, more than 133 new mobile gaming studios have opened throughout the UK.  A massive 80 per cent of these new studios are developing games to run on Apple’s iOS operating system and over 70 per cent are working on apps for Google’s...
  • Credit card terminal

    5 Best Credit Card Processing Apps for BlackBerry

    It was about time that some or the other credit card company would consider bringing their payment options into the blackberry world;creating an app for that, as blackberry users like to coin it. There are tons of businessmen of small and big size firm who use blackberry smartphones and...