According to official statements by BlackBerry, BBM will release on Android and iOS by summer’s end. Likely going off North America, that would put the release no later than September 21st, 2013.

However, it appears someone at BlackBerry jumped the gun and prematurely published some materials, including a splash page. The download links did not go to the intended competing platforms stores. However, the user guides for BBM on Android and iOS were able to be snapped up and saved.

BBM for Android and iOS will allow you the ability to send text messages, location, photos and voice messages (though without being able to carry out normal conversation), changes in the status and profile picture, setting up and join the BBM groups (limited to 30 people) and inviting and being invited to speak on the basis of our e-mail address associated with BBM, number or generated QR code.

Check out the user guides below:

via BBNews