BBM is finally venturing into uncharted waters of the multi-platform instant messenger game. Since BBM’s release on iOS and Android, total monthly active BBM users comes to about 85 Million.

However, some of BBM’s competition has quite the lead in terms of user base. WhatsApp, recently acquired by Facebook, has over 450 Million active users, with an estimated 1 Million signing up per day.

Though, BBM has far many more features than WhatsApp and among the other leading instant messengers. We’ve created the infographic to illustrate the pros and cons of BBM when compared to Google Hangouts, Apple iMessage, Microsoft Skype, and WhatsApp.

Of the twenty six possible answers, BlackBerry’s BBM scored a total of 15 positive points. But, you could possibly say “16” since BBM does not offer a paid groups option, yet. BBM also was close to missing a positive checkmark on the ability to send animated GIFs, which can only be viewed if the receiving user requests an HQ version.

Microsoft’s Skype tied with BBM, but mainly due to it offering desktop clients and real phone calls. Google’s Hangouts was the clear victor, but only by three points. This was mainly due to its ability to live stream, desktop clients, and phone/sms integration.

Facebook’s new darling WhatsApp just nearly beat Apple’s iMessage. WhatsApp scored a total of 10 checkmarks, while iMessage being in last with only 9.

If you are a fan of a different multi-platform instant messenger and think it deserves comparison, let us know in the comments with its pros and cons.