BlackBerry’s decision to monetize BBM this past year is starting to gather up some steam, or so we believe. In a blog post today on the Inside BlackBerry Blog, Senior Vice President of Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry, Matthew Talbot, outlines some numbers specifically referring to the BBM Shop and how it’s done since its launch.

According to Talbot, “this January, the BBM Shop hit 1 billion user views, proving that BBM users are enthusiastically customizing their favorite messaging app to make it an even more useful tool.”

Traffic into the BBM Shop has been increasing as well since its launch almost a full year ago today. BlackBerry states that 72% of users interact with BBM’s “virtual good” (stickers, music, games) each month. The total number of interactions with this items stands at more than 3 billion.

Throughout the rest of the post, Talbot goes into advertising opportunities within the BBM Shop and how some apps are already taking advantage of it on all platforms. iTunes integration has also been added to BBM for iOS, which lets you purchase a song easily through the Show What Others Are Listening To feature within BBM.

Unfortunately though, this post fails to go into more detailed BBM usage stats and monetization features other than “views” and “interactions”. For example, we still don’t know the exact number of BBM users that are currently using the service actively (the last official number we have is from September of last year – 91 million monthly active users). It would also be cool to know how many sticker packs have been sold. Who has sold the most? How many sticker packs does the average user have? When will we be able to delete sticker packs for those of us that have way too many? With other monetization features like message retraction, timed pictures; etc, how much are they going to cost and when is that going to go live? Hopefully some of these questions are answered at some point in the near future.

All in all, BBM’s monetization is definitely growing at a great pace even though its user base may not be growing as rapidly. It’ll be interesting to see what the company has in store for us this new year, and how many of these new added features and improvements will be paid vs free.