BlackBerry has published the roadmap for their next OS update, 10.3, today in the BlackBerry Developer Blog. The new SDKs are scheduled to land in May of this year, and will provide some awesome updates for developers to work with. It is noteworthy though, the Adobe AIR will no longer be included as a runtime in OS 10.3. Developers that use AIR are encouraged to port their apps over to Android or WebWorks thus keeping their apps compatible with BlackBerry 10.

Check out some of the highlights from BlackBerry’s 10.3 developer roadmap:

BlackBerry 10 Native SDK

  • OpenMax
  • Pro Voice (VoIP)
  • Design Units
  • New Asset Selector
  • Grid Layout
  • App Colorization
  • List Rearrange
  • 64-Bit Support
  • Pretty Printers
  • Card Templates

BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK

  • Enhanced Tooling
  • Headless Apps
  • Work Perim. Debug
  • APIs

BlackBerry 10 Runtime for Android apps

  • Runtime Update (Android Jelly Bean 4.3)
  • Accounts (Apps that require access to an Android account will now be supported)
  • Bluetooth LE
  • NFC
  • Share Framework v2
  • Tooling Update

There are definitely a lot of big things ahead for developers interested in BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry has not given up on apps clearly, and is making it even easier for more developers to jump on board this time around if they haven’t already done so.

May is looking to be a pretty good month for BlackBerry.