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No BlackBerry 10 QWERTY N-Series Until June 2013, says Analyst

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Research In Motion will unveil its first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones on January 30th. However, initial availability may not be likely. Boston-based research firm Detwiler Fenton states in a research note today that the first all-touch BB10 phone won’t appear in the U.S. until March and that the QWERTY keyboard version won’t debut until June.

“RIM’s stock has been on a tear recently thanks to a number of upgrades and optimism surrounding its upcoming BB10 platform,” the firm writes in a note to clients. “However, as we dig a little deeper, there appears to be a few issues that could set up for some disappointing numbers in the 2013 first half.”

The reason for the QWERTY N-Series apparently being delayed is unclear, says Detwiler. But that it is “a serious problem for RIMM in its efforts to stop the bleeding and stabilize the business…we simply don’t see much of an upgrade cycle for RIMM from its legacy QWERTY devices to full touch screen devices.”

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