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BlackBerry Announces Ten Recipients of Scholar’s Program

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The BlackBerry Scholars Program was announced this past May by Alicia Keys and was implemented to award ladies who had a desire to pursue a career in technology. This Tuesday, BlackBerry announced the ten recipients of the scholarship.

The Program is designed to help increase the number of women studying and influencing the future of mobile computing, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and particularly those with an interest and/or aptitude in the mobile computing space. [Source]

Hundreds of people all over the globe submitted applications, and ten lucky ladies were chosen to receive a four year scholarship to the accredited college of their choice.

On behalf of N4BB, I would like to extend my congratulations to the following ten ladies who will be receiving this award. We all wish you the best of luck in your endeavors of higher learning!

Katherine Chen
Hanover, NH, United States
Harvard College
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Anastasia Santasheva
Maple, ON, Canada
University of Waterloo
Systems Design Engineering

Leah Clark
Swansea, United Kingdom
Durham University
Computer Science

Tian Qi (Dinah) Shi
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Universtiy of Waterloo
Software Engineering

Khuyen Duong
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Oklahoma State University
Computer Science

Sravya  Vishnubhalta
Louisville, KY, United States
Massachusetts Institute of Techonology
Biological Engineering and Computer Science

Aneesha Kommineni
Austin, TX, United States
University of Texas
Computer Science

Xiao Yan (Cheyenne) Guo
Toronto, ON, Canada
University of Waterloo
Honors Mathematics

Tafdazwa Makaza
Johannesburg, South Africa
Coventry University
Honors Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Rozie Yeghiazarian
Hollywood, CA, United States
Rochester Institute of Technology
Mechanical Engineering

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