The BBM team has received a ton of suggestions since the launch of BBM for Android late last year. One of the most requested additions is support for Gingerbread OS (2.3), and the people may be getting what they want in the near future. Right now, BBM for Android only supports Jelly Bean and up. However, the Beta Zone sent out an email earlier today explaining they are “recruiting a specific demographic of testers for future participation,” testers running Gingerbread on their Android smartphones.

According to the latest numbers, Gingerbread is currently installed on 21% of Android devices. That’s a huge chunk of potential BBM users that BlackBerry wants on board. This is specially true when you consider the areas of the world that Gingerbread is still popular, namely emerging markets where cheap, older Android phones are popular, and BlackBerry and BBM still have a presence.

Obviously, there’s no word on when or if this will ever become official. Gingerbread is really old, and slow, so there’s no guarantee BBM would even work well on it.

Do you think it would be a good idea for BlackBerry to expand BBM for Android support to Gingerbread, or would it be better to stay away from that old OS? Sound off below.