BlackBerry Discusses How Promo Codes Will Work in BlackBerry World


In a new knowledge base article, BlackBerry has outlined the use of promo codes in BlackBerry World. We first stumbled upon this new feature in the developer beta of BlackBerry 10.1.

There’s no doubt that promo codes will be a very much welcomed feature in the BlackBerry 10.1 official rollout. Here’s some of the issues and uses for promo codes in BlackBerry World:

  • Redemption per code limit is reached – The defined redemption limit for the specific promo code has been reached
  • Total Redemption limit is reached – The defined number of downloads for the specific promo has been reached
  • Promotion not supported for this Content – The promo code does not apply to the content you are accessing
  • Promotion is not started – The promo code being used has not yet started
  • Promotion is expired – The promo code has expired and is no longer valid
  • Promotion is not active – The promo code is not yet activated
  • Invalid Promotion Id – The selected application is not part of the promotion
  • Promotion Code returned null – The promo code is not valid
  • Promotion Content returned null – The promo code is valid but the promotional content is not supported by either your device or country or wireless provider
  • Promotion id or locale is null – The required locale is not specified

BerryReview suggests hese error codes clue us in that developers will have the options to:

  • Limit promo codes on how many times they can be used
  • Set start and end times for the promotion
  • Specify specific products for the promotion
  • Specify specific locale for the promotion
  • Set Promotion based on your device, country or wireless provider

The promo code feature should be a great addition. It has been one of the most requested features from both developers and customers. Are you excited for promo codes in BlackBerry World?

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