BlackBerry recently unveiled the BlackBerry Z3 at an event in Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday. There the press had the opportunity to listen to BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen speak on the new Z3 and future plans for the company.

There were only 25,000 BlackBerry Z3 ‘Jakarta Edition’ devices made. BlackBerry plans to have the device go on sale in the country by May 15th for Rp 2,199,000 if customers had not already pre-ordered. You can see our review on the Z3 here.

Chen additionally spoke on the future of the company, where he revealed disinterest in the wearables market. “To wearable devices such as smartwatch or smartglasses, we do not have a plan,” said Chen.

“Before you ask again, we are also no plans for production of laptops and tablets. Tablets may be used if it is [of interest], but now is not,” Chen added. “We now focus on consumer devices and enterprise servers. Moreover, it is not our plan at this time,” he concluded.

However, don’t let this discourage your anticipation for other BlackBerry devices. “After BlackBerry Jakarta, now we are again working on the latest BlackBerry with either 3 to 4 [new devices planned]. Yes, there is the keyboard, and one of them is [all-touch] not a keyboard, ” Chen said.

Could this include the BlackBerry ‘Windermere’ we’ve seen so much about? With the help of “…Foxconn, we also devising its own BlackBerry high-end products, which later to enter the ranks of our flagship phone,” he concluded.