Sony suffered a massive hack this year which saw countless amount of data that ranged from personal emails to future movie scripts spewed online. Terabytes of data were stolen and destroyed as the company tried to figure out what was happening and how to contain it. According to a new report by the WSJ,  Sony went back to an old friend, BlackBerry, to help them keep moving through the disaster.

The Journal outlines how a “cache of older BlackBerrys” the company held onto still worked, and were utilized as the primary communication tool during the crisis. Thanks to the secure nature of BlackBerry’s servers, Sony knew these devices wouldn’t be compromised and could use them with confidence. The report does not outline which smartphones were used, but odds are they were carrying older, legacy devices (time for an upgrade, Sony?).

It’s hard to know exactly how much of the hack would have been avoided had Sony been using BlackBerry devices and services in the first place. More than just personal email and data was stolen via the hack – data that goes beyond the scope of smartphones and security that BlackBerry offers.

Nevertheless, every company that isn’t using BlackBerry devices for their sensitive data or at least relying on BES 12 to secure their non-BlackBerry smartphones doesn’t have to look far to see how valuable the Canadian company could be to them in light of Sony’s misfortunes. Every type of firm around the world should be looking at BlackBerry and trying to keep as much of their data within their servers. It’s not a complete solution yet, but with mobile technology being at the forefront of how people work nowadays, the smartphone is the first and easiest hackable device.

On the other hand, BlackBerry should be taking this good press to push on not only BES 12, but their future with Project Ion and the IoT movement. Right now it’s big companies getting hacked; one day in the near future it could be your house or car.

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