BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Arriving February 19th

BlackBerry users have been eagerly anticipating the rollout of an official OS 10.3.1 release for their devices. That is, those users who do not have a Passport or Classic....

BlackBerry users have been eagerly anticipating the rollout of an official OS 10.3.1 release for their devices. That is, those users who do not have a Passport or Classic.

The update is long overdue as we first exclusively revealed BlackBerry had pushed back the update until 2015.

Despite a failed rumor that BlackBerry was going to release the update in January, the company had already let customers know to expect it in February.

When in February? We have exclusively learned the global rollout of OS 10.3.1 to all current in-market BB10 devices will be on February 19th.

Apparently, the rollout was supposed to have happened yesterday. However, BlackBerry had issues with the update accidentally wiping the entire device. Hopefully, BlackBerry has solved the issue and we can expect the update to hit user’s devices by the 19th.

The BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 update will bring new features and an upgraded virtual assistant with Siri-like capabilities.

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  • Is that for every other BB10 phone? I hope it is!
    Well then, thanks in advance, BB..the update’ll be a very nice b’day gift for finally, i’ll be turning 18!

    • Yup, it is for all BB10 smartphones 🙂

      • What about someone like me who has a Q10 on T-mobile in the USA and relies on WiFi Calling? Will we still be waiting for a carrier-approved OS to be released?

        • Every OS update will always have to be carrier approved, unfortunately. The global rollout date is for when BlackBerry officially announces the new OS and tells us when carriers around the world will get it.

          • So does that mean that it is only after the 19th that T-Mobile and the other carriers can start doing their own tests? And then once the OS passes their testing it will be released to their customers?

            Or, have the carriers had the new OS version for a while to do their testing? I’m not sure how this works.

            • No. BlackBerry has already given carriers 10.3.1 to test. Some carriers take longer with their tests than others thats why not everyone releases it at the same time.

      • ahmedabbas715

        Hi,is it official update include BlackBerry z3???

    • After 18 time flies by so fast that you’ll wish you were still 17 when the first girl calls you sir…

      • mikeec67

        LOL that’s so true!!!

  • Pirata

    So we have to wait for carriers to release this update????

    • Unfortunately, that’s the way it is.

  • Jhill92555

    Not to be redundant but would that include the US market as well?

    • This date is when BlackBerry officially announces 10.3.1. Remember, even though it’s on the Classic, 10.3.1 has yet to officially ‘launch’ for other devices. Expect to see a press release from BlackBerry outlining new features, updates, as well as country and carrier approval update dates and timelines.

      Some users (those on carriers that have typically been more BlackBerry-friendly – think Canada, and the UK) will more than likely get 10.3.1 right away. Others, like here in the U.S., will have to wait.

  • rwhowes

    Just wondering about Q10 that is unlocked and uses more than one carrier? Are the unlocked phones going to be updated to 10.3.1 on February 19th.

  • Yes. All unlocked phones regardless of Carrier will be updated. I think this Carrier inclusion with initiating updates is nonsense. Carriers need to test new updates? Is a waist of time. OTA updates is the way to go, but of course BlackBerry needs to play nice.

  • Hi guys, I wish to know that is there any way to increase the number of running frames in BlackBerry Z3 as it is just four active frames making it a bit bad. Meanwhile in z10 or passport it is much more than that. Can one help me?

    • Hi, this is due to the Z3 having less RAM than the other devices. Therefore, having more active frames would make your device slow down in performance. That is why BlackBerry has limited the amount of active frames on Z3.

  • berlind

    i have BB Z3 and i have a plan,
    if BB Z3 not in list to get official update 10.3.1 this february
    im gonna ‘shoot down’ myBB Z3 and i will not using BB anymore.
    i ll find something more fun than BB to work.

    have a nice day folks !

    • mikeec67

      10.3.1 will be released for all BB10 devices.

  • drichman

    Does anyone have an idea what version of 10.3.1 is supposed to be released?

  • paoaldecoa

    For all the criticisms that people ply on BB10 and its devices, this update is one that genuinely excites. I admit I moved back to BB just so I’d save more on the devices but I’m growing to like the OS–it meets my specific needs.

  • Hemant141

    Is it fake or true?

  • Hemant141

    Is it true?