BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Going Official in 2015

BlackBerry OS 10.3 officially launched with the release of the BlackBerry Passport. However, previous BlackBerry 10 devices will not be receiving that update. Instead, previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones will...

BlackBerry OS 10.3 officially launched with the release of the BlackBerry Passport. However, previous BlackBerry 10 devices will not be receiving that update.

Instead, previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones will be refreshed with an OS 10.3.1 update. The OS 10.3.1 update brings a more refined BlackBerry 10 experience and incorporates features from legacy BlackBerry OS.

As revealed in the 2014 global roadmap, the update would occur around the release of the upcoming BlackBerry Classic, which was expected to release in November of this year. The Classic release will usher in the launch of OS 10.3.1.

However, BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, let it slip that the Classic wouldn’t release until December 2014. We’ve exclusively been told this has affected the release of OS 10.3.1 to older devices.

Technical acceptance of OS 10.3.1 will begin by mid-December 2014, with an expected official availability for previous devices Z3, Z10, Z30, Q10, and Q5 by Q1 2015.

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  • Leberkleister

    Nice to have a firmer date, thanx.

  • Jaiswal_ace

    What about z3??

    • Oops, that too. I forgot it, my fault haha.

      • Jaiswal_ace


  • zensen

    Damn! Been holding off updating my z10 with any leaks. Patience is a virtue right?

    • Kbauer

      Go for the leak! 10.3 is a great step forward.

  • DhargaweAkshay


  • No to tylko czekać 🙂

  • Koebi90

    What the hell is “technical acceptance”?

    • nganinho

      It likes when OS is ready somewhere.. in lab.. testing result..but not ready to be released officially.

    • Kbauer

      When AT

  • Fr3lncr

    To bad they are behind schedule (if only because it is a bit too much like BB of old where they never meet their own deadlines). They are getting better but by default, they should take all their internal deadlines, add 3 months and communicate those dates instead as it doesn’t help their reputation when they are late.

    That being said, I’m pretty happy with the latest 10.3.1 leak so I don’t feel like I’m missing out much.

    • BlackBerry_Z30


    • 2Addicted

      There was no official announcement when 10.3.1 would be released, so they are not behind schedule. Sure they are behind a projected road map date that was leaked, but that could have been changed before we even saw it.

      • nganinho

        Same thought here.

  • Stsamp

    Do they call it customer support?

    • Stsamp

      Back to nexus and android

      • Oscar1976

        Really..?????… so what are you doing here?????? go play with your toys……. leave the real work and decision-making for those that matter… run along… im really tired of people like you who think if things are not when you want them you decide to bash and thereton to leave so…adios, goodbye, enjoy…. if you are as ignorant as you protray yourself to be and can understand that BlackBerry wants to launch things right and not give people like you fuel to bash them then again bye-bye…..

        • Kbauer

          The problem here isn’t really with the poster it’s about how BlackBerry communicates with the the customer.

          1. Why do they allow leaks? That’s an internal problem.
          2. Communicate a date a ND stick to it. Don’t just talk about how great the next version will be.
          3. Insist that the carriers deploy within a fixed time period after its released.
          It’s a BlackBerry Marketing problem.
          10.3.1 is a nice upgrade but why can’t the communicate. With ATT I have no illusions that it will be available on the release date. More likely 3 5 months after just like with 10.2 and some BS about how they have to do technical acceptance.
          The new Assistant is a nice upgrade and would be great if they would kill off BlackBerry Maps.

      • rwcrwfrd

        Arm chair quarterback at its best! Lots of those types around this place and CB.

  • Zmain

    JC been pissing a lot of people off lately, he needs to keep his big mouth shut.

    • MisterToo

      How so?

    • Oscar1976

      The only people he has been pissing off are short sellers…(most likely people like you) …

  • nganinho

    I dont think the delay is for OS. Classic should have its own problem that would lead to a delay while OS seem to be stable, at least at the ton of leaked version were out. I still believe an 10.3.1 OS can be officially released before Classic.

  • Joo38

    Anyone knows a leak that works well on Z10?

    • Kbauer

      I’m running on an AT

  • Joo38

    Im tired to waith

  • Been waiting for this update for so long..

  • Rango10


  • Kaplamai

    We should a campaign “Release OS 1031 NOW’ and pressure BlackBerry.

    • Kaplamai

      *should start a campaign*

  • mahlangu_nG

    That’s great news

  • Delil

    Too bad we still have to wait more than a month. I’m not a leak guy. I need an official release 🙂

  • Kwala

    Does this mean Z10 will support Concur app?

  • ssc116

    Can’t wait to get the 10.3.1 update and I hope there aren’t anymore delays with it. This will only make the BB10 experience even better. I hope that it fixes any issues with the Z10 for my brothers phone, so he keeps it and doesn’t jump back to Android.

    • Kbauer

      Load one of the leaks. The one I have on my z10 is stable.

      • Joo38

        Wich one is it?

  • Paul13579

    Wish it were coming sooner!

  • Kevmobile

    Excited to get it.

  • oldbiker

    So the 10.3.1 update for the Passport would be in the same time-frame? IE From the current 10.3.0.xx that my Passport came with? I’m running the ATT release and there are a few bugs so I was hoping for the general release.


  • RoyinToronto

    I would load a leak if BlackBerry Blend would work. It doesn’t – so I’ll wait.

  • Nura Mohammed

    A lot of BlackBerry fans are already rocking leaked 10.3.x.xxxx for a while, like me I am waiting for 10.4.xxxx or 10.5.xxxx

  • rwcrwfrd

    Running Some very minor bugs so far. The official release should be perfect.

  • JaskLD

    Z10STL100-3/ (leak) has really been solid for me as a daily driver it’s been damn flawless

    • oldbiker

      JaskLD : are you able to get “phone notification only ” in Bedside mode to work?

  • JuiciPatties

    Yeah … I can’t wait until Blend is working on all devices. I think this will really make folks look twice at a Blackberry and the benefits of this feature.

  • KJPeigan

    Son of a gun…I was looking forward to a December upgrade…awe shucks…

  • Edwin_hardwell

    Why they just don’t give a date??

  • 2BC745C5

    Waiting patiently…¡¡¡
    Z10 malaysia

  • Julius00007

    Now January 2015? Oh come on BlackBerry bring it sooner.

  • daddyprof

    Pls how can I get to download BlackBerry 10.3 OS for my BlackBerry Q5

  • daddyprof

    Who can assist me to get either the leaked version of 10.3 OS to download for use, how can I go about it

  • Tony Edwards

    Well, I can tell you guys this. I’ve been running 10.3.1 (1016) on my unlocked AT&T branding Q10 on my T-Mobile network for about 2 weeks, and I’m not eager to downgrade back to 10.2. No watermarks, no crashing of the OS or apps, with the exception of certain sideloaded Google apps (Instagram) via Snap or Chrome BB App manager— it seems as if they leaked the official OS. BlackBerry Blend DOENS’T work, as expected being the release wasn’t “official”, and I’m okay with that. Any questions, follow me on Twitter and I’ll definitely reply with answers: @natkingtone

  • what baffles my mind is they are releasing OS 10.3 for new devices, but lets keep existing customers waiting. So now i cant use blackberry blend. and then they wonder why they are loosing customers to Nexus and Android and Apple, sorry Oscar, dont mean to cheese you off, but this is bull plop… pure bull plop. if i could, i would certainly change, but our organization is stuck on a 3 year term with these foolish and outdated devices.. yes z10. never have i seen a counter intuitive device as this. and slow and balls.