BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 – Here’s What’s Coming

BlackBerry officially released BlackBerry OS 10.3 with the debut of the Passport. BlackBerry eventually intends to officially release OS 10.3.1 as an update to previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The...

BlackBerry officially released BlackBerry OS 10.3 with the debut of the Passport. BlackBerry eventually intends to officially release OS 10.3.1 as an update to previous BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

The upcoming BlackBerry Classic release will usher in the 10.3.1 update. What new features will be coming in this much anticipated update? We briefly discussed some of the new features of 10.3.1 in our recent N4BB Live webcast.

Now, we’ve exclusively received the following 10.3.1 features list:

  • Notifications Profiles (similar to BeBuzz and Hub++ apps)
  • Internal & External Out of Office replies
  • Ability to specify which contacts folders within Exchange to sync
  • More robust Calendar reminder dialogs
  • Task Recurrence
  • Workspace Camera
  • Ability to mark a Picture or Video as “hidden”
  • Map View of Pictures (requires Geo-tagging of photos)
  • Customizable Hotkeys from Home Screen (requires physical keypad)
  • Battery Saving Mode
  • Ability to grant/deny permission for applications to continue running while minimized
  • And more!

Developers can go ahead and get the 10.3.1 beta SDK and begin preparing their apps for the update. Nevertheless, stay tuned for OS 10.3.1 to officially release sometime near November, once the Classic device is announced.

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  • Nelsonningombam

    Can you please confirm me if flash(browser) will be there in official os version?

    • Wayno

      I read somewhere that they were getting rid of flash support.

    • Yes Nelson! The flash will be on the official os version release!

      • Nelsonningombam


  • Cuttyranks

    Can’t wait

  • Vhon

    I cant wait…

  • Edrian0624

    Nice..cant wait to update..

  • _ LeroyP

    Right on. Plus there were the commercials on Passport and Tim Allens plug on late night TV

  • Dinesh

    Nice I can’t wait

  • Wayno

    Sweet, I smell an update is just around the corner!!

  • Y2k786

    When will this be officially announced??


    Will we be able to change the hubs color theme to dark?

  • What I want is turn ON/OFF Blutooth, Wifi, NFC etc., on the fly. No more entering into the actual menu. Just a click on or off. That would be great.

    • Wayno

      This can be done easily with the quick settings menu, just swipe down from top and toggle off these features

    • casperoui

      If you click on the icon in the quick settings menu instead of the text it will just toggle on/off and wont redirect you to the settings.. For instance if you click on the wi-fi symbol (it acts like a separate icon) it will toggle on and off. now if you click on the text, where it says Wi-Fi it will redirect you to the settings.. This has been there forever..

  • JaskLD

    Yeah quick settings been there… I’m so happy to see the hidden feature finally come back I hope it applies to folders also

  • Sfor13thlegion

    Can’t wait. Hoping they finally addressed the duplicate contact bug in the contacts app.

    Also hoping that they enhanced the music app to have the option to have the screen stay on while in the music app.

    Overall, very excited with what’s been leaked and any other potential surprises with 10.3.1.

  • Anthony

    I’m using 10.3 on the Passport, these are some things that would be good in 10.3.1…

    Make the like button (thumb) bigger in BBM Channels.

    Why is 1080p recording at 60 fps buried in the settings menu…and why do we have two settings, 1080p and 1080p @ 60 fps? I don’t know when I’ll need slow-mo, I just want to record the video and then slow-down sections in the editor.

    Camera burst needs a timer. Eg. 1 – 5 seconds between shots. Then easily make a collage from these pictures.

    Music downloaded from 7Digital or HMV doesn’t install album art or categorize the track. We should also be able to edit the track and assign it a name, album art, and category.

    Also, why don’t we have an equalizer with sliders we can adjust?

    It would be cool of I could change the email address I use when I reply to an email.

    Otherwise 10.3 is great. BlackBerry Assistant is much better.

    • Just saw this. Glad someone echoed my thoughts. Couple of more to add: Complaints are easy 🙂
      1. Why is there no universal mute button – as in kill the damn sound for all apps? And muting the phone needs swipe down and then at least touching one icon. And it does not turn off the speaker. So if I have other applications making noise, they happily continue to do so.
      2. Why are Android application fonts looking so terrible ? BB fonts look nice and round and distinctly the Android apps look pathetic. But remember, it is not the app or Android. It looks great on an Android device.
      3. And why is the software update not available for unlocked devices without carrier interference ?

  • Alirezashamlou

    Please update 10.3 for z10 or z30 and….
    Please please please

  • Hisham

    Is this update is suitable for Q10

  • Wayan_timo

    Don’t make me waiting so very tired for this os

  • Nasserjn

    How match in qatar?

  • azzziim

    Awesome stuff, mostly borrowed from BlackBerry OS, still auto BCC in email missing 🙁

  • lboogie_1971

    It’s a beautiful thing that BlackBerry continues to improve on the OS and not remain stagnant. Even better that it’s listening to its core fans and bringing back BBOS functions.

  • Dae Sung J


  • Ashwani Singh

    When are you bringing Google Play store for OS 10? You upgrade your map as well before your have all other worthless upgrades.

  • Kroomal3nezi

    How downlod instagram

  • What’s a ‘workspace camera’?