Well, that was quick. After being able on ShopBlackBerry from less than 6 hours, the BlackBerry Passport has sold out for anyone looking to buy one in the U.S. and Canada through that channel. The Passport, and its beautiful 4.5-inch display is being offered at $599 for now, so it’s no surprise a lot of people wanted to jump on this deal as fast as possible. Right now, instead of being able to buy it, you have BlackBerry notify you when the Passport will be back in stock.

Amazon.com still has the Passport listed as pre-order for release on September 25th at the same $599 price tag, so if you’re looking to score one of these sweet devices right now, they may be your best bet.

There’s no word on how many devices were available through ShopBlackBerry, or when stock will be replenished, but that could only be a good sign for BlackBerry, right? We’ve reached out to BlackBerry for comment on the Passport’s stock.

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