There have been nothing short of BlackBerry Passport previews. BlackBerry is expected to host launch events around the world for the Passport by the end of September. Actual device availability will begin in parts of Europe and Asia by October.

Thus far, the coverage and leaks on the Passport have been flowing regularly. Not long ago, we saw possibly the best early review video. A friend of ours recently sent us a short video of the Passport next to a Z10 and Z30. While short in length, if you have an insatiable appetite for all things Passport, give the video a watch.

In this particular video, we see the rendering of our own website across each device. We also see again how the touch sensitive keyboard doubles as a TrackPad for swiping through web pages and in other instances. Additionally, another 360-degree look at the Passport and its thickness comparative to the Z10 and Z30.

This may be the first of many videos popping up. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see about the Passport on video? Drop us a comment and we might film a video specifically for your request.