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BlackBerry Phablet ‘Aristo’ Getting Upgraded Specs Before Release?

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BlackBerry will be rolling out an even bigger, badder flagship slate by the holiday season this year. Even BlackBerry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, called it an “exciting” device.

This slate device has come to be known as the Aristo and Anisio, otherwise known as the A-Series. According to the original leaked slide on the device, the purported specs pinned the device at having a 4.65-inch screen with 1280×720 resolution and only 2GB RAM.

However, the GadgetMasters claims the device is getting some upgraded specs. The A-Series will allegedly now feature a 1080×1920 screen resolution on a Super AMOLED, 4GB RAM, and a 3,000mAh battery. Though, no mention of whether or not the battery would be removable.

The BlackBerry Phablet is likely designed to be a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note family. It was initially thought BlackBerry would only stick with a 720 screen ratio. Though, it’s pointed out that the recent BlackBerry 10 emulator sets the screen size dynamically, which could possibly lead to multiple screen resolutions.

Nevertheless, take this with a grain of salt for now. We’ll keep digging ourselves to see if any other information comes to fruition. What would you think of having a beastly BlackBerry such as the A-Series?

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