BlackBerry Priv 64-Bit and 4k Video Confirmed

Shortly after the official unveiling of the BlackBerry ‘Venice’ Slider at MWC 2015, we exclusively released the first, accurate spec details for the BlackBerry Priv. Although not an octa-core...

Shortly after the official unveiling of the BlackBerry ‘Venice’ Slider at MWC 2015, we exclusively released the first, accurate spec details for the BlackBerry Priv.

Although not an octa-core device, we learned the BlackBerry Slider would be supported by a hexa-core 64-bit chipset.

And now, we have tangible proof to backup our initial exclusive, confirming BlackBerry Priv uses the Adreno 418 GPU with Snapdragon 808.


There’s a few other new things we have learned about the BlackBerry Priv. The Priv’s 18MP Schneider Kreuznach rear-camera is capable of shooting 4k video.


Android is notorious for malware and other exploit vulnerabilities, which makes the operating system less secure than others. The Priv is currently running Android OS 5.1.1 and BlackBerry has its own proprietary security app bundled.

The “BlackBerry Safeguard” app lets you view the Priv’s security status. You can view and edit your settings for apps, developer options, screen lock, trusted websites, and more.


The BlackBerry Priv features a dual-curved screen, we’ve seen only on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Edge and Edge+. It’s still up for debate if BlackBerry and Samsung partnered on the dual-curved screen for the Priv.

BlackBerry is using the added screen real estate to incorporate some subtle, yet unique flavors to their iteration of Android. When charging, the battery status of the Priv is seen on the right-side of the device.


We were told BlackBerry switched a few things up on the home-button swipe gesture. Typically, in Android, you can long-press the home-button to see three additional shortcuts (usually the main gesture is to swipe up to access Google Now). BlackBerry has changed this to incorporate quick access to the Hub app and device search.

As seen in earlier leaks, the BlackBerry Priv harkens the gorgeous glass-weave back-plate all BlackBerry Z30 users grew to love. The hint of carbon fiber styled back certainly sets the Priv apart from other Android devices.


The BlackBerry Priv is shaping up to be a unique contender in the flooded market of Android smartphones. However, the Priv’s touch-sensitive physical keyboard will surely place it in the forefront of the competition, and perhaps make it the best Android smartphone of 2015.

Word on the street is we will see the Priv release some time in November 2015, with its global seeding venturing well into Q1 2016. Nevertheless, keep it locked to N4BB, as we will have more details to come on the BlackBerry Priv.

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  • annlouisewinter

    Why, if this is legitimate, are there grammar mistakes in the first photo? 1) ‘The current device running an 64-bit system’ should say ‘The current device is running a 64-bit system.’ 2) ‘Enable 64-bit test may get better performance’ should be ‘Enabling the 64-bit test may get better performance’. 3) ‘PS. You can enable and switch 64-bit test in the menu’ should be ‘you can enable and switch to the 64-bit test in the menu’. And why the word ‘test’? What is that? I’m doubtful of that photo.

    • Lucas Atkins

      Because it’s a third party app… Not native. So that developer obviously screwed up.

  • Charles Knight

    Isn’t it awfully convenient that in all the ‘leaks’ – be they photos or videos – that nobody opens or photos the hub.

    • nt3001

      They can’t do Hub on this as its done on BB10. Not possible, especially from a downgraded OS.

    • Lucas Atkins

      It’s due to the personal data that would be X’d out. 3/4ths of the screen would be black lines. It would look as bad as a declassified government document LOL.

      • ATInsider.

        Android is so 2007, but I understand why Chen is coming out with a device running Android. As much as Android stinks to high heaven, they might have a chance to sell over 5M in a year. But John Chen would be foolish not to release this phone running the BB10 OS, it would be criminal not to do such a thing.

  • Asad Ullah Khan

    Any info on other specs? For instance, does it have NFC, etc?

    • anthonyroberts

      Of course it has NFC

  • nt3001

    This device has nice specs but a downgraded OS. If it comes in BB10 I’ll buy it.

  • BB10KEN

    Specs looking really nice right now blackberry got the specs right this time

    • ATInsider.

      BlackBerry got the OS wrong this time.