BlackBerry ‘Rio’ the Next High-end All-touch

Earlier in the year, I postulated that BlackBerry would likely not focus on a high-end all-touch device. The assessment was heavily scrutinized. A Z30 successor was increasingly anticipated by many...

Earlier in the year, I postulated that BlackBerry would likely not focus on a high-end all-touch device. The assessment was heavily scrutinized. A Z30 successor was increasingly anticipated by many customers in the beginning of the year.

The revealed 2014 global roadmap later corroborated the assessment, solidifying the notion customers seeking a new high-end all-touch BlackBerry would unfortunately have to continue their wait indefinitely.

However, today, I am happy to exclusively reveal BlackBerry is in fact working on a new high-end all-touch codenamed “Rio.” You may have seen me tease it over Twitter or in our latest N4BB Live webcast as the “Jesus phone” given it’s codename (think: Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Is the Rio an evolution of the once rumored “Ontario” device many have dubbed the Z50? Perhaps.

Details, specs, or otherwise any other specifics surrounding the “Savior” slate device are slim at this time. In fact, the Rio project is essentially in it’s infancy stage. Although, hopefully it comes to fruition by 2015 and does not meet the same fate as the “Manitoba” Z3 LTE (which has pretty much been canceled).

Nevertheless, keep your fingers crossed that the BlackBerry Rio sees the light of day. Let us know in the comments what level of design you’d like to see BlackBerry encompass with the Rio. If I had to guess, I’d say BlackBerry may continue the steel frame likeness we’ve seen on the Passport and upcoming Classic.

*UPDATE* – Watch our N4BB Live webcast where we give more details surrounding the Rio here.

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  • pacman84

    Exciting news! Just like you, I hope the wait won’t be too long. Also, I hope this rumor is true at all.
    Design-wise I feel like BlackBerry realls needs to start to find their own identity. The phones they released since the Z10 have all been looking great yet so different that they don’t stick out as “typically BlackBerry”.

    • isa.gms192

      No, actually im a Z30 user and its design is terrible.. for example if a smartphone is all black, the screen must be ips and lcd. Also the bottom line is so unnecessary. I was gonna buy Z10 just for its design. Z10’s great. But 30’s not.

  • NRB

    Super news. Happy happy 🙂

  • potatoguy

    looking forward to it!

  • vinodsrinivas

    at last ! m dying for an all touch blackberry device. after i watched the reviews of 10.3.1 i think m wasting my time not owning a BB 10 device.( i had Z30 ). now i am relieved that my patience will pay at last. believe me guys. i have owned at least 20 devices from the past 4 years. i have had htc, samsung, sony, some chinese brands on android platform and nokia lumia 720, 830 on windows platform. i am glad to say that BB 10 is the best user friendly OS for both productivity and entertainment. ( was not completely satisfied with the camera of my Z30 though). i bet this time, blackberry will hit the bull’s eye. cheers and long live blackberry.

  • AlienSpot

    At last, I am waiting for z50 for a long time. I heard Z10 now. Hopefully it’s coming soon maybe Feb 🙂 2 years after the Z10?

  • anthonyroberts

    I honestly don’t like you right now…..LOL. I am going to be stuck between this and the hybrid touch and keyboard phone as well….hmm…….

  • Kevmobile

    I really like the design of my Z30. Keeping it’s styling cues would be fine with me. I’m not a big fan of the sharp-cornered Z3, but very much like the Passport and Classic designs. I hope they. please keep the separate HDMI connection for the new phone. I don’t want to have to purchase yet another adapter.

  • Allsports

    I’ve said before that just upgrading the z30 with up to date specs would have served BlackBerry just fine as the phone came out during the BlackBerry for sale debacle and the phone just got lost under that.

    Hope they do come out with a new all touch in 2015 as there are more touch users than keyboard ones nowadays.

  • vince liew

    looking forward to it.. owning a z10 now and happy about it, durable and it’s something different from other phones.. amazed at the passport too… really radical, hope rio is something like it..

  • robluck82

    Woohoo! Bring it on, BlackBerry! 2015 is the year of the Rio!

  • chrisberry

    The main thing I find lacking on the z30 a bright and attractive screen. So the new screen must possess a high screen resolution and high specs. The 10.3-10.4 os will take care of the rest.

  • FMS

    That are great news! 🙂 A BlackBerry full touch Passport would be really really great!
    But also a better Z10 is needed for all users, which want a smaller full touch BlackBerry.
    And of course a Z30 successor with a 5″ screen, more RAM better processor and a unique design like the Passport.
    I’m really excited about what BlackBerry will release in the next year 🙂

  • mundo472

    Bring it !! I love my z30, especially on 13.1 but I will eventually want a BlackBerry upgrade. The passport is brilliant but some of us are not interested in a keyboard.

    • iontalkmuch

      That’s true. Since I made the jump to the big screens on Z10 and then z30, I don’t think I want to trade that off for the keyboard and it’s not like I play games on my phone. I hate games. I get by productively on the VKB just fine.

  • isa.gms192

    Please don’t make any extra part around the screen like Z30’s bottom!! make the borders thinner!

  • Danisea

    Looking forward to it! Hopefully it will be available by February or March. Please keep the HDMI port

  • EyesOpen

    *crosses fingers*

  • lboogie_1971

    I hope it’s everything we have hoped for in a high end touch slab.

  • woofwoof

    I can’t wait for this. I temporarily move to an iPhone but I would not hesitate to switch back to blackberry

  • iontalkmuch

    Lol @ Jesus phone. The boys at the verge and bgr are gonna have some fun at that reference.

  • This is my next phone for sure.


    I certainly hope that BB releases an all new touch screen device…I’ll buy it. Currently, I have both the Z10 and Z30 and I like both of them with the Z30 serving as my primary daily driver. However, I would like to see an update. If it were up to me, the update to the Z30 would at least consist of a 5″ to a 5.2″ screen device (no larger). The screen would need significant improvement over the current offering, which I consider the greatest weakness of the Z30. Although I love AMOLED displays and the Z30 screen colors pop…295ppi just doesn’t cut it in today’s market (the Z30 should have at least had a screen that was as good as the Z10’s). I want to see a screen that if it’s not the best on the market, then it at least rivals the best with 450-525ppi in an Super HD AMOLED display. 4-5GB or more of RAM, absolutely no less than 32GB (64GB would be better) of internal storage along with maintaining the option of an external micro-SD card (up to 128GB>), a REMOVABLE battery that has some real life behind it (>3200mAh), ensure the OS is highly optimized, a dual or quad core processor (2.7ghtz or better)…I don’t personally care as long as the OS is highly optimized (but, no doubt the inclusion of a quad core processor would enhance overall sales), the latest and greatest quad core graphics card, then improve the camera lens and add optical image stabilization with a 13mp rear / no less than a 3mp front image size, while keeping / improving upon the existing dual speakers, keep the paratek antenna, keep the built in radio, and keep / improve upon current HDMI & Mircast functions. Obviously, continued refinement and added features to the BB10 OS is a given.

    The Z10 needs update as well, I hope they keep the same form factor, but increase screen size to at least 4.5″…BB can do this by trimming up the bezels on the device and then make improvements to the Z10 in the same areas I highlighted above…improvement in battery performance is an absolute must for the Z10.

    I think if BB went with two high end touchscreen devices in both 4.5″ and 5.2″ screen size…they’d have real winners on their hands. Additionally, they need to come up with a solution to the absence of Google services on their devices…not a stop gap solution, but a real solution. At any rate, JMHO…

  • BB10KEN

    I love my Z30 it’s amazing phone The only problem I have with it was the screen I wish it was brighter And please BlackBerry no more Super AMOLED screen The iPhone 6 as really outdated specs But it has a nice isp LED screen I really hope they use LED screen on the next High-end all touch I’ll be very happy

  • kool1

    Love my Z30 but BlackBerry badly needs a new touch device. Badly!!

  • Julie Poppova

    Awesome, I can’t wait 🙂

  • Wbennett

    When the new phone is ready, please make it available on all networks. I would have purchased the Z30, but was not sure it would work on AT

  • Arifjamal101

    Wish to see it soon. Optimistic about it.

  • Arifjamal101

    Wish to see it soon. Optimistic about it.

  • berryllium

    Great NEWS!!! Keep the #MoveOn momentum going! Hopefully to see 5.2in QHD “bezel-less” screen just like those Sharp Aquos Crystal phones, I reckon it would have been a great complement to the BB OS 10 swipe gestures. In addition to the “bezel-less” screen, I hope to see the new device; #BlackberryRio , to retain the #Wide #BlackberryPassport screen dimension. #DareToBeDifferent #Blackberry! Just like #BlackberryPassport!