BlackBerry Rio ‘Z20’ Specs

BlackBerry will soon unveil a new all-touch smartphone. We caught wind that the next all-touch device was codenamed “Rio”, and many had started unofficially dubbing it the Z50. It was...

BlackBerry will soon unveil a new all-touch smartphone. We caught wind that the next all-touch device was codenamed “Rio”, and many had started unofficially dubbing it the Z50.

It was originally thought the BlackBerry Rio was a high-end all-touch device. However, spec wise, the Rio will not be high-end.

Instead, the Rio is an evolution of the canceled Manitoba project, which was the Z3 LTE. The specs will be upgraded, but instead will position the Rio as a mid-range all-touch. You could think of this device as the “Z20” instead of “Z50.”

The Rio project is also further into development than originally thought. We should see the Rio launch by February 2015.

Today, we exclusively reveal the Rio specs:

  • 9.5 mm profile
  • 5” 1280 x 720 display
  • 2MP front facing, 8MP rear facing cameras
  • 2800 mAh non-removable battery
  • MSM 8960 Dual Core 1.5 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM, 16GB Flash + Micro SD
  • Penta Band LTE + 4G Hotspot
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
  • BT 4.0 / DLNA / Miracast
  • Dual Microphone
  • Speaker phone

The specs for the Rio are a combination of the Z30 and Classic’s CPU. However, the Rio has a striking resemblance to the Z3, considering it is its successor. What will be important to focus on is the Rio’s price-point, which will hopefully be sub $300.

BlackBerry certainly does not appear to think the high-end market is within their sights, except when it comes to a QWERTY like the Passport.

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  • Dean

    oh boy 🙁

  • Mmmmm there is no leaked pictures?

  • Artform

    Makes perfect sense if it’s true. They are making phones that businesses would be comfortable buying en mass and distributing to employees. This means they need to run smooth, but be reasonably priced so that Blackberry doesn’t have to break the bank with subsidies. The consumer market is absolutely not the focus, so the spec war simply doesn’t matter.

  • Johnny66

    Ugh, your killing me BlackBerry, I’m waiting for a Note 4 competitor.
    I’ve been changing batteries twice a day since day 1 on my Z10, and my eyes aren’t getting any better. I’d like something with a little umph under the hood.

  • Slash82

    I don’t like that one!

    I’d rather see an upgraded Z10 – which is still is an awesome device!
    Perfect form factor and size! -fits in the hand like charm!

    Blackberry just should change things people were complaining about, like: a better (removable) battery and the camera.
    And some upgraded specs, maybe: 3GB of RAM and a faster processor and a FM radio

    IMO that would be a lot better than that!
    I don’t see a real Point to upgrade from a Z10 to this one – I also don’t like the “hard/sharp” edges…

  • surferito

    I would call this phone a Z5, the battery is better than the Z10, but after 2 years will have similar processor than the z10, dual core 1.5 GHZ? And has not a dual band wifi like the Z10? I will consider that a downgrade from my Z10.

  • nt300

    This is nothing but BlackBerry giving people choice.
    Good move. But with those spec’s, it better be well below 300 dollars.

  • geo1er

    This is truly sad. Very disappointed. I hope BlackBerry changes there mind an give us a n all touch with the specs of the Passport.

  • DeLeurg

    The N4BB team? Gold panners.

  • dnivoG

    See that uniqueness? The voice control is back on 10.3.1? Because the photo shown here has 10.3 UI and the old voice control

  • robluck82

    This is great – another device in the arsenal – manufactured by Foxconn, so inventory levels will be closely monitored. It’s got the 5″ ‘standard size’ screen so it will appeal to the non-qwerty segment.

    High-end touch still coming, just later.

  • midnightdoom

    I think it is smart that they release a lower end touch first, as much as I would like to see the hybrid release. Passport created mega buzz for them, classic is doing great too, especially the price point. Releasing a low end touch at good price while the buzz is going might work. But I still prefer my high ends

  • Chad1276

    If I’m going to buy a new BlackBerry in 2015 it will have to be an all touch with specs that exceed that of my current phone “Z30”. Slightly faster better screen resolution, better camera, etc etc until then I’m all about Z30

  • nt300

    Also this is not a Z20 device, its more like a Z5. A Z20 should be a higher end device to replace the Z10. This RIO is not that device. So either call it a Z5 or call it a RIO. But no a Z20. That would throw off the number scheme.


    This device is disappointing. Unfortunately, I think this device will flop. It’s a new device, yet it will be perceived as being antiquated on the day of release. It will be an absolute certainty that this device will be destroyed by the professional tech reviews, which is unfortunate because many people who might buy the device if they but got their hands on it will not even end up considering the device. This device is certainly no upgrade to the Z10, which is what I’m using to type this post. I’ll continue to roll with the Z30 as my daily driver…but BlackBerry is beginning to test my loyalty to the brand although I’ve stuck with them while everyone else I know has long since abandoned them.

  • Ehtesham

    Well I m now impressed with BlackBerry….because of two reasons…first of all that they started better specification devices which is now comparable to other phones like I phone, samsung and all…second is is android free…BlackBerry 10 is much better than android….but I did a major mistake by buying doubt phone has still better specifications from others…..but why it has much of irritating problems….moved to expert center 5 times…still couldnt be fixed….why BlackBerry is not recalling the sold Z10…or still u guys should make any exchange offer….that Z10 user could be satisfied well….while Z30,Z3,Q10 and else are responding much better…..dont know about other areas but in my country no one wants to buy Z10 at cheaper price even…..i m fed up with Z10….not BlackBerry…..please fix it guys

  • Dual core 1.5 GHz. I think this will be a waste of time and resources for Blackberry. They would be much better off putting that effort into a new high-end all touch flagship model.

  • Come to think of it this could end up being bad in more ways than one. If the sales of this are poor Chen might look at the numbers and conclude that people don’t want Blackberry touch devices. If he thinks of them as product lines, he may decide to drop the future all-touch flagship model. I hope not but just saying; I’ve seen this type of thinking in management before.

  • Nick300

    Not sure why, but the Camera is a Massive Deal Breaker for many people. Actually for the Majority. So regardless of specs, the camera needs to be at least as good as the Passport.