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BlackBerry Sued for Alleged Infringement of e.Digital’s Patents

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BlackBerry, formerly known as Research In Motion, is once again getting pulled into an alleged patent infringement case. Handal & Associates on behalf of its client, e.Digital, Corporation, have filed an infringement suit against BlackBerry among others.

The suit claims BlackBerry, Motorola, Apple, Huawei and ZTE have infringed e.Digital’s patents covering the use of flash memory technologies. Those patents are part of e.Digital’s Flash-R patent portfolio.

“We have examined hundreds of products to determine whether they infringe e.Digital’s patents. We have found that several products utilize core technologies that belong to and are patented by e.Digital,” said Anton Handal, counsel for e.Digital. “The Flash-R patent portfolio is rich in technologies and teachings that are central to the functionality of many current consumer electronics products. Among these is the noise cancellation claims of the ’108 patent, which, generally speaking, teach the use of two microphones in handheld devices to reduce background noise. We are also seeing the use of file editing functionalities in these products that are embodied in the ’170 patent,” he added. “In addition, we are seeing many flash-based devices utilizing a memory integrity technology that was originally patented by e.Digital. Determining memory integrity is very important technology in today’s highly-integrated consumer electronics products,” Handal stated.

Handal & Associates seek infringement damages against smartphones and tablets for features related to, among other things, flash memory integrity testing, noise suppression technology and file management functionalities.

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