We’ve seen images of an alleged upcoming BlackBerry smartphone with a physical qwerty keyboard. Rumor has it that the BlackBerry “Windermere” will be sporting touch sensitive keys.

In fact, BlackBerry recently filed a patent for such a feature. One concept artist has take this idea to create the BlackBerry V10 with a touch physical keyboard.

Here’s what the specs would be on the V10:

  • Two stereo front speakers
  • BlackBerry logo that doubles as the indicator light for notifications
  • Touch physical keyboard
  • Leather back
  • 4.5″ display

Since the introduction of BlackBerry 10’s amazing virtual keyboard and flick predictive typing I have distanced myself from the physical qwerty. Although, a device like the BlackBerry V10 might have my thumbs back to a “physical” keyboard. What about you?