A new prototype developer device has been pictured today, and has made its way online. The original leaker doesn’t specifically add anything aside from the two pictures he posted, but according to our sources, this is a developer prototype for the upcoming codename Windermere device. We cannot stress enough the fact that this is not going to be commercially available, and is made just so developers can test their apps on it.

After BlackBerry canceled two upcoming devices late last year, we found out three more would still be on the way this year, including the Windermere, a QWERTY powerhouse smartphone. According to our sources, the Windermere needs a developer device because it’s not only going to be bigger, but it’s also going to feature some updated specs. The screen resolution is being bumped up to a 1440×1440 display (still 1:1 ratio), and the RAM upgraded to 3GB instead of the 2GB we’re used to. We’re also being told the Windermere will feature a new style keyboard. It won’t be the same as the Q10 one, which is why in the picture above the keyboard looks so awkward. In essence, that’s not the keyboard it’s going to be coming with.

Developer Q30 back

This device is definitely going to be a welcome addition to the BlackBerry 10 family. We shall see exactly when and where it’ll make its debut. Would you be interested in a device like the Windermere? Sound off below!