BlackBerry ‘Windermere’ Passport Photos, Specs, Details


The codename ‘Windermere’ and accompanying unofficial model ‘Q30′ has been passed around within the BlackBerry community for quite some time. Now we know it will officially be called the Passport, see the full specs here.

We had our first glimpse of the Windermere prototype in the beginning of the year.

Since then, we hadn’t seen anything else. Some alleged specs surfaced, and the rumor that its physical keyboard would be touch-capacitive.

However, today we bring you new photos and details on this mammoth BlackBerry 10 smartphone.


The BlackBerry Windermere features a stainless steel bezel around the device, much like the Q10 and previous Bold series.

The volume keys are on the right-side of the device, with the left-side completely buttonless. As you can see, the keyboard frets are flush with the bezel.


The backside of the Windermere features a 13MP camera, with the front a 2MP camera. Previously, it was thought the Windermere would feature dual-LED flash, but this current revision it is only single.

The plastic is apparently not final. BlackBerry might add the glass weave we have become accustom to on the Q10 and Z30. Notice the line on the top? It’s because the top part pops off so that you can insert the MicroSD and SIM card.

As previously reported, the Windermere’s battery is 3450 mAh. Unfortunately, the battery is non-removable. Though, with it juiced up far more than the Z30, you may never even need a spare.

But, the Windermere will be pumping a lot of power into the screen and internals. The Windermere will feature a 4.+ inch 1440×1440 Full HD LCD. However, earlier it was reported to be 435 DPI. We can confirm it is actually 480 DPI.

The Windermere will be pushing 3GB RAM with the Adreno 330 OpenGL and Quad-core Snapdragon MSM8974 processor. 

How about that touch-capacitive keyboard we have heard rumored? We can confirm it is true. You can use the physical keyboard in the same way you would a TrackPad.

When you’re typing, you can swipe from right-to-left on the physical keyboard to delete words. If you’re in the browser, you can put the device in landscape and scroll up or down by swiping on the physical keyboard.

How does the word prediction work? Three columns will appear on the screen as you type. Think of an imaginary line going all the way down through the keyboard. You then can swipe on the left-side, middle, or right-side to pick one of the words out of the three columns.

The Windermere is said to feel lighter than the Z30 and be slightly thinner. The Windermere also features top and bottom speakers, like the Z30, and its charging port on the bottom, like the Z3.

This is all we have for now. As always, keep it locked to for the best insider BlackBerry news and more.



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    Ricky0974 Topics: 0, Replies: 2

    Amazing… I Love It…


    Chris Esparza Topics: 18, Replies: 31

    Not too shabby. While I’m not a big fan of the square look, I’m totally digging the specs.


    Fr3lncr Topics: 0, Replies: 21

    I like the specs, but the look of the device does nothing for me. Maybe I’ll feel differently when the final product launches and I can check it out in store.


    fanatix85 Topics: 0, Replies: 1

    The device look a little weird to me, but it might look a lot better in hand though!


    Lamar Saunders Topics: 0, Replies: 9

    Why does BlackBerry want to have such a HIGH QUALITY screen for this keyboard device?


    Zakaria Topics: 2, Replies: 1

    This is gonna be the game changer, I pray and hope it does.


    JT Teran Topics: 56, Replies: 43

    This is probably my next BlackBerry purchase. I cannot wait to try out this keyboard.


    Chris Esparza Topics: 18, Replies: 31

    This is probably my next BlackBerry purchase. I cannot wait to try out this keyboard.

    Keyboard does look interesting. I’ll definitely give it a shot.


    felberry83 Topics: 1, Replies: 2

    Not really fan of the design but the specs! Oh boy! It makes me drool! :tu:


    James Nieves Topics: 73, Replies: 17

    Them specsssss! :dance:
    This qwerty phablet is going to be interesting indeed. Let’s see BLENDS and this bad boy in tandem!


    MrWayne Topics: 0, Replies: 1

    Just waiting for Windermere & Classic.


    hibby_81 Topics: 0, Replies: 19

    Very interested to hear how this beast fits in hand and the actual usability, but I’m backing BB here, they are in too much trouble especially on the hardware front to screw up here! I really hope it scores big. Really love the specs (finally BB! hah) and hope it’s a sign of things to come in other devices, but let’s start with making this 1 a monumental success :tu:

    P.s. Missing the removable battery!


    AVPTI Topics: 0, Replies: 13

    Remember when BlackBerry users didn’t care about specs…


    Plazmic Flame Topics: 0, Replies: 4

    Do not like the square screen….


    Chaplain_Clancy Topics: 24, Replies: 253

    Remember when BlackBerry users didn’t care about specs…

    Still not too worried about specs. I just want it to run BB10 effectively. I’m concerned about some missing functionality on the keyboard. If we can find out how the new layout overcomes some of those issues, I will definitely gives this device a go.


    Anilu7 Topics: 0, Replies: 1

    Looking forward to seeing the final product. I’m sure that it will be a great device and also sure that the development team has some surprises in store for us. They’ve kept it tightly under wraps so far. :8)


    ajackman77 Topics: 0, Replies: 12

    I’m digging the square look myself, something new. I’m an industrial designer so I’m looking at so much on the phone that a lot of people may not consider. It looks to follow in the foot steps of the Z30 where the edges of the screen has curvature to it and would feel good with all the gestures. My favorite image shown is the side profile, it is telling a lot of how this phone would feel in the hand and I’m impressed and hope it doesn’t change much from here. What do you guys think?


    Anthony Topics: 9, Replies: 565

    I love it. It’s a beauty! The high ppi screen will look good on a larger screen :nerd:


    ajackman77 Topics: 0, Replies: 12

    Yes I have to say I’m very impressed with the specifications, I can’t wait to hold it in my hands for the first time and try out that keyboard that I was so hoping they invent. I went from my Z10 to a Q10 and missed some features and now I get it all! :party:


    Niko Giannopoulos Topics: 8, Replies: 14

    looks good i cant wait

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