As you all know, this week was the tech show to end all tech shows. The Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas every January, and tech bloggers from all over the world flock to the Las Vegas Convention Center to ogle at all the newest gadgetry. Among the crew in attendance were a group of four editors from Wired, and they decided to hold a small competition to see which smart phone could handle a show of this magnitude the best. It may come as a surprise to you that BlackBerry pretty much demolished the competition.

Wired first announced the competition at the beginning of the week, and the rules are simple: offer compelling coverage and content at CES 2014 with nothing but a smart phone. No laptops, DSLRs, high quality audio recorders, or fancy tablets allowed.

Each of the four editors were assigned a different smartphone from the four major operating systems, Android (Motorola Moto X), BlackBerry (Z30), iOS (iPhone 5S), and Windows Mobile (Nokia Lumia 1020). The competitors were awarded 25 points for every day they successfully used only the smart phone, as well as bonus points for various other achievements.

Here’s how the competition ended:

4th Place: Android/Motorola Moto X with 100 points
3rd Place: Windows/Nokia Lumia 1020 with 145 points
2nd Place: iOS/iPhone 5S with 147.75 points
1st Place: BlackBerry/BlackBerry Z30 with 257.5 points

Not only did the Z30 win, but it blew everyone else out of the water by over 100 points! I don’t know about you, but that’ s a pretty major victory for what they all figured would be the under dog!

For more information on how BlackBerry swept the floor with all its competitors, as well as seeing how Wired offered amazing coverage of CES with nothing but smart phones, check out this link.

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