Originally, we were told by BlackBerry that the new BlackBerry Z10 uses Corning’s Gorilla Glass. While the BlackBerry Z10 does have new glass technology, it is not Gorilla Glass.

BlackBerry has clarified to us that “The hardened display glass uses a new technology called Touch on Lens, where the touch technology is applied on the back side of the cover glass to eliminate the need for a separate touch panel. This helped us achieve the thinnest BlackBerry Smartphone to date.”

Doing some digging found that Touch on Lens is produced by Taiwan-based companies Wintek and Cando. Most touch screen modules use two glass sheets. Touch on Lens only requires one glass sheet. The ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film is directly attached on the protective glass layer. This of course makes the new touch module lighter and it also saves cost.

The BlackBerry Z10 coupled with BlackBerry 10 is certainly ultra responsive. If you were happy to hear it was Gorilla Glass, we apologize we were informed incorrectly. Though, think nothing less as Touch on Lens looks to be a great fit for touch screens.