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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefano Finally Gets Caught?

Recent Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Rafe and the team will be exerting a lot of effort into their Stefano operation, and they’ll be really close to finding him this time.

Except for one small problem.


According to reports, Anna will once again be foiling their operation by suddenly turning up just as the team was about to close in on Stefano.

A shot will be fired and a bullet will hit Steve on the shoulder.

But that last location will lead Rafe to what seems to be a really important clue — a key to a safety deposit box at a bank nearby.

They later on find that the safety deposit box was in fact signed under the name of Stefano.

But what was inside it?

Spoilers say the team will encounter a few more bumps in the road ahead in their quest to catch Stefano.

More Info Revealed About Hattie’s Mysterious New Man

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal fans will learn more about Hattie’s mysterious new beau during the show’s upcoming episode, as more details are revealed about Alfie.

It appears that Hattie’s mysterious man is the guy responsible for her stint in the slammer, and spoilers indicate that she will now be privy to revealing some significant information about Alfie.

Meanwhile, as Roman’s investigation seems to have hit a dead end, information that Hope gathered may be exactly what he needs to help get Hattie out of the mess that she’s in.

Hope, however, will find herself an unwilling participant in an escape plot staged by others.

A Week Full of Heartbreaks to Start the Year

Recent Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that the show will be starting off the year with a week full of heartbreaks.

Gabi witnesses Lani show JJ a photo of them in bed together. JJ will try his best to explain things to Gabi, saying that he has no recollection of that moment seen on the photo of him and Lani together. Gabi will feel like it’s not something that she can let go of, however, and she’ll instead end up letting JJ go.

Nancy, on the other hand, will do anything to keep Chloe’s secret a secret. And because she thinks the idea of Nicole seeing Holly is just way too risky, Nicole will be devastated when Nancy shuts her out.

Brady and Deimos, on the other hand, are disappointed to find out that they couldn’t prove Nicole is the mother due to the DNA test results. But then again, they’re not aware of what Nancy is capable of doing.

Abigail Confronts Gabi

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Abigail will be confronting Gabi in the upcoming episode of the show.

After witnessing Gabi and Chad lip-locking, it was only a matter of time before Abby could no longer contain her emotions. In the coming week, fans will see how she gathers up the strength to confront Gabi about her husband, Chad, who has long thought she was dead.

Meanwhile, Anne will need a little adjusting to her new environment as she deals with her new job. Chloe, on the other hand, will continue to be hounded by the thought of Nicole finding out about the truth about her baby.

But we’d all have to stay tuned to find out what happens next.

Lani Knows Secrets She Just Might Reveal

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lani will be headed back to Salem for Christmas, and she’s bringing along with her secrets that she just might reveal.

Among the secrets? Something that she seems to know about Valerie. Lani seems to have found something sketchy about her, and what she found will be something that Theo will be glad to know about.

Meanwhile, JJ realizes that Lani was the same girl he hooked up with back in Florida. He knows he will be in deep trouble if Gabi ever finds out.

Abby, on the other hand, is stunned after seeing Chad and Gabi (both still think she’s dead) lip-locking.

So, what’s going to happen next?

Abby Comes Out of Hiding

After having multiple people discover that she is still alive, Abby desperately tried to hide her secret by trying to do as much damage control as she possibly could.

Recent Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal, however, that Abby has now finally come to a point when she came to realize that her fate is no longer in her hands.

With this realization in mind, Abby decides to come out of hiding, settled on a decision that she will reveal herself to Chad.

But something that she sees prompts her to do just the opposite and flee the town instead: Gabi in Chad’s arms, kissing him passionately.

JJ and Jennifer will report her missing, but one of them will soon find out where she’s been hiding.

What is Valerie’s Secret?

The latest Days of Our Lives hint that Theo will discover Valerie’s well-kept secret after playing around with her phone.

But what exactly is Valerie hiding?

According to recent spoilers, there’s a possibility that Abe is the father of her child, and that this might just be the secret that she had tried so hard to hide. But the question is: why?

Meanwhile, spoilers that another character is bound to see Abigail has also surfaced.

Some speculate that this character is none other than Dario, and that Abigail will have to turn to blackmail to stop him from talking. But will her contingency plan even work?