General Hospital Spoilers Comings and Goings 2016

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Franco Survive?

Franco went missing but authorities believe he’s merely trying to evade arrest as all evidences in Tom Baker’s death apparently point towards him.

But will he be able to clear his name? Will he survive the real killer’s attacks?


Recent General Hospital spoilers indicate fans might have to wait to find out.

Meanwhile, Julian Jerome finally saw the person behind all his shady missions — and it’s none other than his sister, Olivia, whom he thought has long been dead.

In the past, Julian apparently shot Olivia to death — or so he thought, it seems.

Now she’s out looking not just for revenge, but to takeover the entire criminal empire in the city.

Will Julian be able stop her from carrying out her evil plans?

Franco Close to Solving Tom Baker’s Murder

General Hospital spoilers indicate Franco is so close to solving Tom Baker’s murder, but it looks like things aren’t going to be that way without any trouble attached.

The latest spoilers reveal that as Franco gets closer and closer to solving the mysterious murder, more and more evidence that points suspicions right back at him continue to mount.

Reports say Franco will be taken away by the cops on suspicion of Tom’s murder, though the killer himself will strike Franco on the head the moment the latter gets close enough to solve the murder.

Lulu, on the other hand, is determined to make Valentin agree into telling Charlotte about who her real parents are. Charlotte, however, will continue to fend off efforts by Lulu to spend some time with her.

Sonny Tells Carly Everything, Will She Stand By Him?

The latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that 2017 is going to be a rough year for all characters of the show in general.

January, it appears, is going to be a particularly interesting month for many of the show’s characters.

According to reports, the upcoming episodes of the show for the week will see Sonny and Carly determined to fix their marriage — but knowing that Nelle has a bomb that she could drop at any time has left Sonny uneasy. So to get rid of that unwanted feeling once and for all, Sonny decides to confess everything to Carly.

But will she stand by him?

Meanwhile, rumors say Sam and Jason’s baby will be arriving early, and that the baby might be struggling with a serious condition during the first few months.

This unfortunate event will supposedly straighten up Alexis once and for all, and may even pave the way for a reunion with Julian.

Sonny Tries to Win Carly Back

Recent General Hospital spoilers hint that a lot will be going on in the upcoming episodes of GH in the upcoming week.

Sonny will try his best to win Carly back just in time for New Year, but whether or not Carly gives in and gives him another chance is still uncertain.

Meanwhile, Jason continues his investigation on the car bombing that killed Morgan — and it appears that the show’s upcoming episodes will bring him to a pawnshop where he will be looking for clues.

The ones he’ll find, however, will point to Julian as the perpetrator in the bombing incident.

Sam, on the other hand, will find important information on the restaurant that will lead to more details on the incident.

Will Carly Find Out About Sonny’s Secret?

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest Carly might be really close to finding out about one of Sonny’s well-kept secret.

It seems that by taking extra caution to keep Carly from finding out about his secret, Sonny is leading her exactly to it.

But that’s the only problem that Sonny will have on his mind.

It appears that Jason is also close to finding out about who the real culprit is behind Morgan’s death.

Will Sonny finally be paying for his crimes? Will Carly find out about his Nelle secret?

Let’s all tune in to find out.

Will Nelle Abandon Her Plans to Destroy Carly?

Ever since Nelle led Sonny into believing that he had slept with her, the latter has been walking on egg shells, trying desperately not to make any wrong move that would lead her into destroying his relationship with Carly.

Little does he know that he didn’t really sleep with her at all.

But recent General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will be doing something nice for Nelle — something really nice that will likely lead the latter to stop with all her grand scheming on the former.

Spoilers also suggest that Nelle’s relationship with Michael will influence her to stray away from her original intentions.

But will these things actually be enough to get her to stop doing what she’s been doing?

Stay tuned to find out.

Julian Won’t Turn Alexis In To Cops

The latest General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian decided not to turn Alexis in to the authorities for running him over while she was drunk.

According to reports, Julian will insist that he doesn’t remember who run him over the night that he happened to be in the same bar as Alexis.

He will, however, ask for Alexis and make it clear to her that he does remember everything.

It can be recalled that Alexis was drinking the night away and was trying to get Julian — who stayed to look out for her after she repeatedly refused to stop drinking — off her back .

Alexis (likely) accidentally run him over as he refused to get out of her way when she was desperately trying to drunk-drive her way out of his presence.

Things only started to sink in when Alexis realized that she just run Julian over with her car — and she has since been living in fear over everything that she stands to lose, including her license to practice as an attorney.

Julian, on the other hand, seems to have something else in mind. But what is it exactly that he wants?

Sonny Falls for One of Nelle’s Traps

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nelle is determined to keep Carly out of the picture and GH fans might soon find out why.

According to reports, after Nelle successfully convinced Sonny that Jax bedded Carly, she ends up getting Sonny to sleep with her.

Carly, on the other hand, thought that Sonny needs her by his side.

Jax decides to leave Port Charles, but trying to make up with her husband might be harder than Carly initially thought, with Nelle in the picture.

What’s Nelle’s real intentions? What is she trying to accomplish with all her actions? Watch episodes of General Hospital in the coming weeks to find out.