*Update from Lucas* – While BBM could soon potentially reach 100 Million total subscribers (BlackBerry users included) the figures aren’t there just yet. Though, now that BlackBerry has ended the wait line, the company’s servers can handle up to 10 Million new subscribers per hour. The figures are definitely drawing higher and higher. Stay tuned for another announcement from BlackBerry soon! 

By Monday the 28th BlackBerry Messenger will have upwards of 100m subscribers. Currently the market share is passing 90 million and rising steadily. A lot of users seem to be coming from iOS, while Android has broken upward of 10m downloads already in Google Play. BlackBerry had instigated a Line-Up for the rollout of BBM but now 150% sure they can handle the data volumes they have opened up the floodgates and the line is no more. This will allow them to bring millions more new users to the social network -assuming the demand stays as strong as it has been across the globe. In one week BlackBerry has nearly doubled its already impressive BBM userbase of approximately 60m users, not so dead afterall, eh?

What this means for BlackBerry is that they can quickly turn around and begin to monetize this fresh batch of users and drive home their real strategy for converting iOS and Android users back to BlackBerry. Perhaps the CMO is bolder than the marketing efforts we’ve seen thus far. Seeding a BlackBerry 10 experience into millions of users hands can be very effective at changing the mindshare and perception around the brand. This coupled with the improvements of the BB10 OS and ap catalog across the coming months will do a lot to drive adoption. BlackBerry is in for the fight.

As they crest over the 100m subscriber they are still delivering strong downloads even a week out. 10-50m downloads on Google Play and the localities they are doing well in is very impressive, here’s an iOS breakdown:



This is but a glimpse at what is to come. Get pin-sharing and spread the word. We are at the dawn of a new age of mobile communication secure, authentic and uncompromising, get over to BBM.com and spread the love. BlackBerry will launch Voice, Video and Channels before the years end and really drive a unique experience for users who find shortcomings in the likes of Line, Tango, Skype and Whatsapp. Keep it locked on N4BB for the latest