History of Mobile Data and Why the Need for BlackBerry 10 Data Compression has Diminished


Previously we discussed how BlackBerry 10 no longer compresses personal data. Work data can still be compressed via BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

The main reason compression is diminishing is due to the new mediums that are trying to be compressed (i.e. media streaming, media downloads, video conferencing, and some applications and games).

Here’s a brief history of mobile data and insight into why compression is becoming obsolete:


1999 – 2001

2002 – 2008

2008 to Today

Mobile Network

Mobitex 2G EDGE / 3G EVDO 3G HSPA/4G LTE

Data rates

8 Kb/s 56 Kbps  2 Mbps 20 – 40+ Mbps

New Data Being Transferred

Email, Personal Information Management, PIN to PIN, WAP browsing HTML browsing, Applications, BBM, Instant Messaging, Attachments Video streaming, Media downloading, Apps, Flash & HTML 5 browsing, Video chat

Data Plan Size

250 Kb / mo. 1 Mb → 25 Mb / mo. 300 Mb → 6 Gb / mo.

Data Plan Cost

Starting at $25 / mo. Starting at $25 / mo. Starting at $20 / mo.

Average $ / MB

$100* $25 → $1* $0.07 → $0.003*


* Data is aggregated by BlackBerry on internal research based on carrier data plans in US and Canada, other regional markets will vary

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