How to Change your BlackBerry Homescreen Tile Layout

EdShot (Fri, Aug 24, 2012 3.05.42 PM)

Besides themes, there are other ways to change up your homescreen look.  For example, ever feel like increasing the spacing between homescreen tiles?  Me neither.  Regardless, let’s do it simply because you can (even to obnoxiously large spacings)!

Head into the Options.

Then Accessibility.

You can now easily change your homescreen grid layout to support 1-4 rows, or the standard layout you’re familiar with.

This is supposed to make it easier to use, but it seems like the icons don’t get any larger.   I have yet to meet anyone who actually uses this feature, but extra customization options can’t hurt.

Here are what some options look like when implemented.


This works with all BlackBerrys OS 5 and newer.  Older BlackBerrys have other layout options.

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