Knowing which OS you are running is more important than you might think. New OS updates are released constantly and if you want to keep your BlackBerry up to date you need to know which OS your device has installed. Here are two ways of checking the OS and build is currently installed your BlackBerry smartphone.

There are two ways of checking this. Here’s the easiest way:

1. Type anywhere on your BlackBerry “Myver” without the quotations. Once you press spacebar you should see a text showing the BlackBerry model, your OS and build. Something like this: 9850/ (B1737)


The other way is by checking your phone’s “About” info.

1. Go to “Options” and select the “Device” menu

2. Here, go to the “About Device Versions” option

3. You will see the device info here. The line after the BlackBerry device model is the OS currently installed on your phone. Should look something like this:

7.1 Bundle 1737 (v7.1.0.580, Platform

And that’s it! Hope this guide is useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!