How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 spoilers

How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 Spoilers: HTGAWM Return Delayed

Sadly for How to Get Away With Murder fans all over the world, the much-awaited return of the show from its mid-season break has been pushed back a little in order to make way for ABC’s pre-inauguration program special.

In the meantime, fans can ponder on this thought: Does Bonnie have anything to do with Wes’s murder?


When it was found that once again, somebody died in Annalise’s house, everyone immediately assumed that the suspect was a male.

But what if that wasn’t really the case?

In the show’s second season, everyone was led to believe that it was either Wes or Frank who was responsible for Rebecca’s disappearance — only for everyone to find out later on that it was actually Bonnie who killed her.

Is it somehow possible that she pulled off the same stunt on Wes? Tune in on January 26th to find out.

Who Killed Wes?

With merely weeks to spare before the blockbuster hit show How to Get Away With Murder returns on air for the rest of its third season, fans can’t help but be anxious over the obvious and inevitable question:

Who killed Wes?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, HTGAWM stars themselves weighed in on who they think killed Wes — and their answer will surprise (if not disappoint) you.

Charlie Weber, the actor who plays Frank in the series, told Entertainment Weekly that it’s likely the Mahoneys, who were responsible for many of Annalise’s pain in the past, and whose patriarch has just been killed by Frank during the show’s previous season.

“I think it’s an outside party,” Weber said. “This is retribution toward Annalise for all the things that we’ve done, which Frank is certainly responsible for, in a lot of ways.”

Karla Souza, the actress who plays Laurel, agreed with Weber in the same interview.

“I think it’s the Mahoneys,” she said.

“They have the money and the means to contract someone to do such a barbaric thing, and they’re not emotionally tied to it at all. I think it’s ludicrous to think it would be Annalise or Nate. I don’t think it’s as sinister as that.”

But with all the countless unexpected twists and turns in the show, one could never really conclude for sure.

Frank Helps Annalise

Just a few weeks to go before the hit show How to Get Away With Murder finally returns to air for the rest of its third season — and fans can’t wait to get all the questions that were left hanging during the show’s Winter finale finally answered.

During the show’s finale, it was revealed that Frank was outside Annalise’s burning house along with other bystanders, seemingly closely coordinating with Bonnie on something as they talk on the phone.

This part is interesting as it is indicative that Frank may be working with Bonnie to come up with a solution that’ll help Annalise get out of her desperate situation.

Knowing how Frank is too eager to get back in Annalise’s good graces, it’s highly likely that he will be helping Annalise get out of trouble during the show’s forthcoming episodes.

Will Frank Take the Fall for Annalise?

During the Winter finale episode of How to Get Away With Murder, Frank was seen begging Annalise to let him make things right with her by taking his own life.

Bonnie intervened to save Frank and Annalise was left disappointed.

Then came the fire.

While Frank remains one of the characters who may have likely had something to do with Wes’s death, Annalise needs him — now, more than ever — to take the fall for her.

In danger of losing her license to practice as a lawyer AND being imprisoned for a number of crimes that stem from the burning down of her house, Annalise will likely make Frank take the fall for everything.

But even if Frank did take the fall for her, a pertinent question still remains: What really happened that night?

Laurel Loses Baby?

Will Laurel’s baby live?

Towards the end of How to Get Away With Murder Season 3’s Winter finale, it was shown that Laurel has regained her consciousness, and was mourning Wes’s death with none other than Wes’s ex.

While under normal circumstances, a scenario with Laurel and Meggy comforting each other is highly unlikely, somehow, Wes’s unexpected and tragic death has led the both of them to comfort each other.

Fans can therefore expect Laurel and Meggy to share a deeper bond come the remaining episodes of the show — although whether or not Meggy would even be in them still remains a question.

But the more important question that still stands is this: Does Laurel’s baby survive?

Recent How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers suggest that this is highly unlikely.

But then again, we’d all just have to wait and see.

Did Nate Kill Wes?

Recent How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers suggest that Nate Lahey might have had something to do with Wes’s death.

It can be recalled that during the show’s Winter finale, Nate discovered how Wes was supposedly bent on volunteering information about Annalise to help authorities take the notorious defense attorney down.

What is unclear is that if Nate later on discovered for himself that Wes was just actually trying to buy Annalise some time, as opposed to actually turning against her.

If Nate hadn’t, then there’s definitely a possibility that he decided to take action and kill Wes before he thought he could even volunteer any incriminating information about Annalise.

But then again, it could be Connor, too — since he actually threatened to kill the ‘puppy’, should the latter ever decide to turn everyone in for the crimes they’ve committed in the past.