Ever want to know how to run a wireless speed test on your BlackBerry?  No worries, there’s an app for that and it’s super simple!

First, open up App World.  Search for the app called “Fancy Speed Test”.  It’s free and it works great (even though its not much to look at).

Download and open up the app.

You’ll see a few choices in “Transport“.

You can choose BIS for your BlackBerry HSPA+ speed, or Wi-Fi for the wireless connection speed to your router.  You may have to experiment with the choice of server.  Try picking one that is closest to you.  Once you select what you’re trying to measure, simply press “Begin Test“.

The speed test will measure the Ping, download and upload speeds of your BlackBerry and display them for you.  I got 11 Mbps on my Torch once!   What are your network speeds?