The much anticipated 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is finally here. Need to put it on a different carrier than it’s available on? Lucky for you, the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook offers all wireless bands. Nonetheless, follow our how to guide to successfully unlock your 4G PlayBook.

1. Get the unlock code

N4BB offers the best solution for unlocking BlackBerry devices. Our state-of-the-art system will provide you an unlock code within 60 seconds after processing your order. Additionally, the code will work the first time, if entered correctly. You can get your 4G PlayBook unlock code for $10 from our unlock code store here.

2. Find the SIM card in settings

In the 4G PlayBook’s settings find the security tab. Once in security settings, you’ll see the option to view the SIM card. You MUST BE SURE to have a non-original SIM card already in the device. Then, click on the SIM card tab to pull up the unlock code entering section, as shown below:

3. Enter Unlock Code

What’s nice about the 4G PlayBook is it’s unlocking feature is easily accessible, unlike the previous complicated MEP2 with BlackBerry smartphones. After you’ve successfully entered your unlock code you will receive this message:

Once you see this message your 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is successfully unlocked and can be put on any carrier that supports HSPA+ and LTE! We hope you were able to follow our unlocking tutorial and be sure to get all of your BlackBerry Unlock Codes from the N4BB store here.