Carrying your smartphone in your pocket can prove to either be a challenge – if your phone is too big-  or pure annoyance – if your pockets are too small. Thankfully, a company called LD West has designed a new holster that is possibly the most innovative of its kind I’ve ever seen. Granted, if you wear the LD West holster out during the summer – without a jacket – you will get the occasional double-take as it’s a little different to see, but that’s what makes it so great.



The LD West smartphone holster is designed to look like two gun holsters from the old West. It is made out of 100% vegan leather, as opposed to real leather for its superior material benefits. It’s water-repellant, stain-proof, and doesn’t retain odors like regular leather can. The right holster is meant for your phone, while the left is designed to hold a beautifully stitched LD West wallet that comes included when you buy the holster.


The holster straps are a one-size-fits-all, and are easily adjustable. Getting the hang of how the straps and holsters go is a different story, and may take a little bit of practice when you want to put them back on. Check out how the straps set up works in the video below.

Unlike the straps, the holsters are available in three different sizes to accommodate all types of smartphone dimensions. For BlackBerry 10 users, the medium size fits the Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, and Z3 (as pictured above). For BlackBerry OS device owners, the small size is meant for you instead, and fits pretty much every BBOS smartphone including the Bold 9900, and Curve devices. The holsters are available in black, brown, and tan.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.44.15 PM

Once you get set up with the holsters, and straps, using the LD West smartphone holster is a thing of beauty. The magnetic buttons click on solidly but are easily opened when you need to take out your phone or wallet. This is important because phone lovers need quick access to their devices, and one of my biggest pet peeves with holsters is how long it takes to remove them from the pouch. This is not a problem with LD West’s offering. It’s actually faster to take out my phone from the LD West holster than any pocket or holster I’ve used before.

Comfort and Confidence

The LD West holster also offers supreme confidence that my phone will stay in place. I personally didn’t use a case on my Z3 when I had the LD West holster on, but if you feel the need to use one on your device, it should still fit. I tested the Z30, and Z10 with their respective OEM hard shell cases, and they still worked well with the holster.


IMG_0715The LD West holster is also very comfortable to wear. I was worried it would get in the way or feel annoying on my back, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. After you put it on the first time, you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing a holster until you need your phone or wallet. Having your pockets free is so great on top of everything.

Will I be using the LD West holster going forward? In my opinion, the LD West holster is more suitable for the fall or winter, as I preferred wearing it with a jacket instead of just over a shirt. It also looks better as part of a more suited up look, tucked away inside of a coat or jacket. So while I may be putting it away this summer, I’ll definitely be bringing it out again once the weather cools down a bit.

Some may consider the price point to be a bit high. The LD West smartphone holster is available online for $119.99, and I believe it is well worth the money. My guess is this price is based on the high quality vegan leather that is used throughout the holster, and wallet. If you want a high quality product, that’ll last you for a long time, LD West’s smartphone holster is definitely for you.

As a special little bonus, N4BB readers can get an additional $19.99 off of the LD West smartphone holster by using the promo code “ANLDWESTSUMMER” (all caps) at checkout. That’s a nice little discount that will bring the price down to a cool $100.