Leaked: BlackBerry OS for Z10, Q10, & Q5


The BlackBerry 10 leaks are dropping hot. Here’s the first 10.2 leak to be in the 1000’s and is available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and even Q5.

However, for the Q10 and Q5 you will have to build your own autoloader. Though, one is already available for the Z10 models STL100-2,3,4

BAR files You need both the OS and radio for your device, then extract the signed images and build your own autoloader.

STL100-1 Radio http://cdn.fs.sl.blackberry.com/fs/q…-v7+signed.bar

STL100-1 Debrick OS http://cdn.fs.sl.blackberry.com/fs/q…-v7+signed.bar

Q10 + Q5 Radio http://cdn.fs.sl.blackberry.com/fs/q…-v7+signed.bar

Z10 2+3 Radio http://cdn.fs.sl.blackberry.com/fs/q…-v7+signed.bar

Z10 2+3 Q10 Q5 Debrick OS http://cdn.fs.sl.blackberry.com/fs/q…-v7+signed.bar

Z10 4 Radio http://cdn.fs.sl.blackberry.com/fs/q…-v7+signed.bar

Z10 4 Debrick http://cdn.fs.sl.blackberry.com/fs/q…-v7+signed.bar


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