Nick Cannon Loves His BlackBerry Passport (Video)

Nick Cannon has been working at CES this year. Cannon was picked to be the Entertainment Matters Ambassador where he is meant to push for Hollywood to get more involved with what’s being showcased at the show.

Speaking to The Verge he shared about the tech he loves, what weirds him out, the future, and why he loves his BlackBerry Passport.

Cannon says the Passport is cool despite being square and it isn’t that much bigger than other phones today. He says he is a fan of the physical keys. Check it out in the video above.

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4 Comments On "Nick Cannon Loves His BlackBerry Passport (Video)"

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8 months 29 days ago

Thats cool

8 months 29 days ago

BlackBerry needs even more publicly from more stars to help spread the good news

8 months 29 days ago

Passport I love because it’s so different.

Good for BlackBerry to take a chance in it.

8 months 28 days ago

What video?


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