The OA Season 2 spoilers

The OA Season 2 News & Updates: Plans for Season 2 Already Laid Out?

Despite the fact that there are no formal announcements of any sort as of yet that lead to the official confirmation of The OA Season 2, fans can rest assured that the show’s creators, Brit Marling and Zal Batmangli, have already laid out plans for The OA’s highly anticipated second season — long before its first season even started to air.

During an interview with Variety, Marling revealed that they “spent a good three years just cobbling the mathematics of the labyrinth of a mind-bender that could go for many, many hours.”


If and when The OA Season 2 does happen, fans can expect an output coming from those three years of sheer hard work by both Marling and Batmangli.

Was Prairie Confined in a Mental Institution?

Towards the end of The OA’s last episode for its first season, Homer ate a sea creature, and he saw Prairie in his NDE vision. The OA Season 2 is likely to start off from this scene — a scene that sparks seemingly countless questions.

Could it be that Prairie could actually see Homer during that particular moment? Or is it possible that she was just simply calling out to him?

While it’s highly likely that Prairie actually died and is now in another dimension, it’s also possible that she may have survived after all.

And if she did survive, the place where Prairie was in during the time Homer saw her in his vision — is it possible that it was a mental institution? Did Prairie’s parents bring her to the institution?

Or was it a prison?

Did she get locked up by Hap?

The many questions that The OA’s first season left unanswered, fans can expect to be answered in The OA Season 2, should Netflix decide to renew the series — which, rumors suggest, is highly likely.

The OA Spoilers: Is The OA Season 2 Happening?

While The OA has initially taken the world by storm merely because of its complexity and utter eccentricity, some critics believe the show will not live to see a second season.

The creators of The OA went into great lengths to set it apart from all the other shows in its genre; but the same things that are meant to make it stand out also seem to be the same things that are pulling it down.

The strangeness and complexity of the movie unintentionally drove many viewers away, and the series finale didn’t seem to have helped, either.

The weird dance that supposedly solves a multitude of problems (including curing ALS and fending off a killer), as well as the school shooting — which some critics say was an insensitive move done in bad taste — left many viewers unhappy.

Nevertheless, the makers of the show are hopeful that The OA will get renewed for a second season — but series co-creator Zal Batmanglij says that possibility depends entirely on how the viewers would receive the show.

Netflix has so far not announced any plans to renew the show for a second season.