RIM Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2013 Results


Research In Motion reported today their second quarter fiscal 2013 results and we’re happy to see it’s not bad news. The number of BlackBerry subscribers increased to around 80 million

BlackBerry L and N Series Demoed (Video)


*UPDATE* – We have removed the video Earlier today we saw the first ever photos of the BlackBerry N-series surface. Now, a video of both the L and N series

Interview: Torch Mobile Founder, Matthew Staikos


While at BlackBerry Jam Americas  we had the opportunity to sit down with Torch Mobile browser founder, Matthew Staikos. BlackBerry users would not have the amazing native browser they do

BlackBerry 10 N-Series Photos Leak Out


The BlackBerry 10 N-Series hasn’t since seen the light of day, until today. Purported images of the BlackBerry 10 N-Series have made their way out. From what we can see,

Unboxing: BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B


Research In Motion just released the brand new BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B devices for developers. The B series of the Dev Alpha devices were produced to fulfill the incredible

New BlackBerry 10 App World Quick Look


RIM announced the new BlackBerry 10 App World at BlackBerry Jam Americas, providing a much-needed facelift of the fledging app storefront.  Not only does the new BlackBerry 10 App World

RIM Hands Out BlackBerry Arduino Devices at Jam Americas


At BlackBerry Jam Americas, developers who filled out a survey about their experience at the conference have been given Arduino electrical circuit boards for open source prototyping.  The Arduino boards

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A vs Dev Alpha B


Many developers have been wondering how the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A differs from the new Dev Alpha B. Aside from the external cosmetic changes, RIM says the internal components