RIM Demonstrates Their Government Prowess at GTEC


Every year, IT and government come together at the Canada’s Government Technology Conference (GTEC) to showcase their solutions and products.  The conference hosts booths, demoes, talks, exhibitions and more on

Battery Watch for BlackBerry Updated


S4BB Limited has released a new update for Battery Watch for BlackBerry Smartphones. This update fixes minor bugs and improves the overall performance of the app. Battery Watch tracks your BlackBerry device’s

Telmap Launches M8 App for BlackBerry


A while back we told you about Telmaps’ launch of their Telmap Navigator app, exclusive for BlackBerry devices. They have just let us know that their latest app M8 is

Apples Lightning Connector; Why it is Good for BlackBerry


Why would the Lightning connector matter to BlackBerry users you ask? In one word. Fragmentation. Apple has fragmented their connector platform. 3rd party accessory manufacturers had the 30pin connector that they knew

Mom Writes Novel on Her BlackBerry


Georgina Campbell has penned an entire novel using only her BlackBerry, which has now been published. A tech-savvy mother-of-three has shunned the classic pen and paper method of book-writing and written