New BlackBerry 10 App World Quick Look


RIM announced the new BlackBerry 10 App World at BlackBerry Jam Americas, providing a much-needed facelift of the fledging app storefront.  Not only does the new BlackBerry 10 App World


BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A vs Dev Alpha B


Many developers have been wondering how the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A differs from the new Dev Alpha B. Aside from the external cosmetic changes, RIM says the internal components


Benchmarking the BlackBerry 10 Browser


At BlackBerry Jam Americas, it was announced that the BlackBerry 10 Browser was also completely overhauled. Instead of the AIR-based browser that is used on the PlayBook, BlackBerry 10 will


RIM Demos BlackBerry 10 Browser (Video)

bb10 app world

The BlackBerry Browser is yet another features that has been greatly improved in the upcoming BlackBerry 10. Matthew Staikos from Research in Motion shows off how fast and smooth websites