Opera Mobile Web Data Shows BlackBerry Growth in Asia


With smartphones rapidly replacing feature phones, mobile data usage as increased.  This is especially pronounce in Asia, where smartphone growth is in the hundreds of percent. Despite Nokia having a

How to Port iOS Game to BlackBerry 10


The successful developer of the popular iOS game, Pop Corny, has given a step-by-step guide for porting iOS games to BlackBerry 10. Pop Corny’s developer, Charilaos Kalogirou, claims it was

Jaguar Land Rover MENA Launches BlackBerry App


Jaguar Land Rover MENA today announced the launch of a BlackBerry app for existing and potencial customers. The app is available in English, Arabic and French. The default language is to

RIM’s Initial Focus Wasn’t Telecom


For another edition of WTFact, did you know Research In Motion’s initial focus was not in the telecommunications market? Instead, one of RIM’s first projects was to build networked LED