This Spyware can Make Your BlackBerry Spy on You


In an apparent leak, it was discovered that a UK-based company, Gamma Group, has devised a spyware tool that can turn your BlackBerry into a spying tool. The program can secretly

BlackBerry Messenger Updated to Version


A new version of BlackBerry Messenger is now available in App World. Version has included a couple of bug fixes, support for Finnish language and better Chinese handwriting. It

Ever Used BlackBerry Desktop Manager Like This?


If you have, we salute you. Desktop Manager has evolved quite a bit in terms of its functionality – better syncing, backup/restore, and other management features. It has also gained

Nothing from BlackBerry 7 is in BlackBerry 10, Nothing


“Nothing from BlackBerry 7 is in BlackBerry 10, nothing,” said Research In Motion’s CEO, Thorsten Heins in an interview with eWEEK. Although, Heins added, “that the DNA is still there so the