Ever Used BlackBerry Desktop Manager Like This?


If you have, we salute you. Desktop Manager has evolved quite a bit in terms of its functionality – better syncing, backup/restore, and other management features. It has also gained

Nothing from BlackBerry 7 is in BlackBerry 10, Nothing


“Nothing from BlackBerry 7 is in BlackBerry 10, nothing,” said Research In Motion’s CEO, Thorsten Heins in an interview with eWEEK. Although, Heins added, “that the DNA is still there so the

How to Delete a Contact from BlackBerry Messenger


For whatever reason, at some point in your BlackBerry user life you’ve probably wanted to delete a contact from BBM. Whether it is they switched to another platform (boo!), duplicate

Yardi Maintenance Mobile App Available on BlackBerry


Yardi announced today that an enhanced version of Yardi Maintenance Mobile is available in BlackBerry App World. Yardi Maintenance Mobile offers workers in the field the convenience of creating, updating