Periscope is one of my favorite new apps, but if you’re like me and follow certain people that use it way too much, it can turn into quite an annoyance. It’s bothered me so much in the past few weeks that I’ve had to unfollow people and/or turn off notifications of the whole app to avoid it uninstalling it. Thankfully, it seems Periscope is aware of this issue and has added a nice little mute function to silence those that stream constantly.

This new update is available today in the App Store for iOS devices, and I’m hoping we see the same update arrive on Android sooner rather than later.


Muting a user is pretty easy. You can either select them from the feed or simple go to your profile, find the specific person you’re looking to mute and toggle off the notifications symbol. That’s it. Whenever you feel like unmoving them, just repeat the process and toggle notifications on.

Periscope has also added the ability to update your language preferences so that broadcasts in your global list of recent broadcasts are in a language of your choice. This update also introduces viewer stats for past broadcasts and much more. Hit the link below to check it out.