We’ve previously heard from RIM that the BlackBerry PlayBook will indeed receive an upgrade to the BlackBerry 10 operating system in the future. However, it was unclear as to the time-frame for that upgrade. Today, RIM once again reiterated that the PlayBook will receive BlackBerry 10 via a Tweet stating, “Cascades support for PlayBook will come w/ the PlayBook OS upgrade to BB10, shortly after launch of 1st BB10 smartphone.”

We exclusively told you that the first BlackBerry 10 device will be announced in August and then pegged for a release in early October. Given that time-frame, we could possibly expect BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook to release sometime later this fall. Perhaps, we’ll see it hit PlayBooks before the Holidays, which will allow RIM to re-market the tablet with its shiny new operating system. When do you think BB10 will become available to the PlayBook?

Image via BBNews.pl